How to fix Galaxy A9 broken screen issue

Although great strides have been achieved in making phone screen as durable as possible, this component is still one of the most vulnerable. In today’s post, we answer some basic questions a lot of Samsung Galaxy owners ask us when they have a broken screen. The two cases mentioned below are for the Galaxy A9 but they should also answer the same questions for about any other device.

Problem: What to do if you Galaxy A9 screen is broken

Recently purchased new Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. phone was dropped from bunker bed by my son. Initially screen had display but it was distorted with many colourful lines. I couldn’t switch off it. Once battery drained, it has a black screen irrespective of recharging. Except, display everything else works fine. Then I removed the back cover and found that antenna was badly damaged from its circuit. Few lines were completely damaged. Battery was slightly swollen. I bought a new battery too. Is there a possibility of having a black screen due to damaged antenna? How can I get fix this?

Related problem:

To Whom It May Concern, my problem must be unique cause no where on the web shows or says my problem, Galaxy A9 is what I have so here’s the problem. I had the green line and that was no biggie but suddenly my screen started to flicker at times and half times goes black but would eventually return. well now its completely all black and I can’t see any apps nor can I do the restart or hard start that all web pages describes. I can’t add an app to the phone so I can mirror it on a Laptop or PC. My guess its a screen issue or firmware but with no visual showing up on my cell I can’t do anything, so all the possible remedies are useless for me. hope this helps and I’ve already got a new phone but there’s some baby/family pics I need or the wife is gonna kill me. Thank you for your time and advice.

Oh one more thing could it be possible to acquire a good use working A9 with a good screen and do a parts swap hoping it’s not a motherboard nor circuit board item???

Solution: All the signs mentioned in these two cases are consistent with a bad screen problem. In both cases, the screen showed discoloration before eventually dying (by staying black). Although the second case did not mention dropping the device or physically damaging it, we assume that any of that occurred. Samsung Galaxy devices generally have robust screen components and they are designed to be so because they not only serve as a display but also as gateway to the system. In any of these cases, the least that could happen is a technician replacing the screen assembly. Doing any software troubleshooting is a waste of time because nothing can fix a physically broken component except repair.

To answer some specific questions in these cases:

Is there a possibility of having a black screen due to damaged antenna? How can I get fix this? No, a damaged antenna won’t result to a broken screen. However, the impact of the drop must have damaged the screen assembly too. Even if there’s no visible crack on the screen externally, it’s still possible that there’s damage that you can’t see within the screen assembly itself. The best way to check that is to disconnect the screen from your device and put it on another S9. If the screen remains black on another working A9, then you know you have a screen problem. To fix a damaged screen is often not recommended. Instead, you want to just simply replace the entire components (monitor/LCD, digitizer, and flex cable). Some technicians may try to save on costs by replacing only a part but complications may sometimes occur afterwards. If you think you can do it, try to replace the LCD or monitor only and see if that works. This will allow you to save some bucks by only buying that part instead of the entire screen assembly.

Could it be possible to acquire a good use working A9 with a good screen and do a parts swap hoping it’s not a motherboard nor circuit board item? Yes, you can always use a good working compatible screen to replace the current damaged one. If you’re lucky and the damage is isolated to the screen only, you should have a good working phone again after the replacement. Cannibalizing parts from the same phone model is one of the ways independent shops keep repair costs down. This only works though as long as there are no other damaged parts to be replaced. In many cases, physically impacting or dropping a phone leads to multiple hardware failures at once so be sure to do a thorough hardware diagnostics ahead of time before you decide to replace the screen.


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