Google’s Stock Phone App May Soon Get Call Recording

An app teardown by the folks at XDA has revealed some interesting details about an upcoming update to the stock Phone app on Android. It is said that Google is looking to include a call recording feature within the app, thus making third-party call recording apps obsolete on the Android platform. This feature was reportedly spotted on version 43.0.289191107 of the Phone app, with the version revealing strings that point at words like “Record” and “Recording”.

Some believe this feature may be limited to Xiaomi devices which lost the call recording feature after merging its stock phone app with Google’s phone app. However, Xiaomi promised to bring the feature back in 2024. But as XDA points out, there’s nothing in the code to suggest that other devices cannot use the feature.

With something like this, users will have to allow recording permissions, and all recorded calls will be saved in a folder created separately for the purpose. This feature may require a few more updates or rollouts before it reaches all devices, however. Since this information was gathered from an app teardown, we haven’t heard much from Google in terms of a confirmation or even an ETA for this long-overdue feature.

Currently, there are plenty of apps on the Play Store offering this basic functionality by sometimes charging a premium. If this feature is rolled out fairly quickly, a lot of Android users are bound to be grateful to Google. But it’s also likely that Google may limit this feature to Android 10 smartphones, which aren’t exactly flocking the market right now. However, with more manufacturers updating their phones to the latest Android version, this feature may be accessible to a large bulk of the Android population by the end of the year.

Source: XDA

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