7 Best YouTube Video Editor App For Android in 2024

Looking for an application that you can use on Android to edit videos that you can upload to YouTube, we will tell you about the best video editing app for android? There are actually plenty of choices out there on the market, more so than just the stock built-in video editor that YouTube has, actually. You might actually want to use a video editor app over the YouTube one for a number of reasons, with the primary one being that a video editor app generally has many other tools that you can take advantage of, making your finished video even better.

YouTube video editor apps are generally able to maintain the original quality of your YouTube videos as well, and there are plenty more pros than just that. So are you ready to dive into a good video editor?

Best YouTube Video Editor App For Android

best video editing app for android

1) FilmoraGo

Coming in at number two on our countdown, we have an app called FilmoraGo. FilmoraGo is one of the most popular YouTube video editors on the market right now, allowing its millions of users the ability to do things like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, and plenty more. FilmoraGo has specific abilities, such as creating 16:9 aspect ratio videos for YouTube, or 1:1 videos for Instagram.

There are in-app purchases available, which unlock special editing functions, themes, effects, abilities, and more. It’s really not a bad choice for a best video editing app for android when it comes to professional YouTube editing.

Download it now: Google Play

best video editing app for android

2) Quik

Whether you need to edit photos, videos for YouTube or another platform, music, and so on, Quik will be right up your alley. The Quik app keeps things extremely simple, allowing you to craft awesome video in just a couple of taps.

You can choose your favorite photos and video clips from your Gallery, and then just let Quik work its magic. In just a few seconds of processing your content, it’s able to create something extremely memorable. Afterward you’re able to customize or edit your “story” with text and music. Editing video haha never been easier.

Download it now: Google Play

best video editing app for android

3) VivaCut

VivaCut might be found on Android, but you can use it to edit and create a professional and smooth looking video. There’s actually a multi-layer timeline and chroma key features, which work together to help you craft top-tier videos for YouTube, Instagram, and other video platforms.

You’ll find plenty of video editing tools in VivaCut — there are collage tools, overlay tools, blending modes, slideshow tools, and more.

Download it now: Google Play

best video editing app for android

4) VideoShow

We wouldn’t call this professional video editing software, but it’s an overall fun tool that allows you to add some neat effects to your videos.

You have all of your essential functions inside, but there are plenty of “fun” tools as well — for example, there are 50 different themes that you can use to beautify your videos.  On top of that, there are some powerful compression tools to reduce your video’s file size.

Download it now: Google Play

best video editing app for android

5) PowerDirector

PowerDirector comes in fourth position on our list. It’s a fully-featured editor, and it actually has a variety of of tools that allow you to use this on a professional level. There are 30 different effects and transitions that you can use, and these are all available in the free version. However, upgrading to premium will unlock plenty of other abilities, including removing watermarks, ads, and even to export videos in 1080 and 4K resolutions.

Download it now: Google Play

best video editing app for android

6) KineMaster

KineMaster comes in at fifth place, but it’s still an excellent choice for editing your videos for YouTube publication. As you might expect, it comes with all of the standard features that a video editor comes with, however, there are a number of effects and abilities that you get as well.

You can use this one for free; however, there are a number of features that require a premium purchase or subscription, such was watermark features. Don’t worry though — most of the functions of this best video editing app for android are available for free.

Download it now: Google Play\

best video editing app for android

7) Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is one of our favorites. Adobe is the premier choice when it comes to digital creation and editing of all kinds. Premiere Clip is for Android and allows you to edit a video right on your Android device, and in seconds, too. You’ll see all of the standard functions, like cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, etc.

Adobe Premiere Clip doesn’t have any ads inside, and videos can be shared directly to social media platforms. You can even upload directly from Adobe Premiere Clip right into your YouTube profile.

Download it now: Google Play

Verdict on the best video editing app for android

As you can see, there is a lot of excellent YouTube video editor apps out there. Any one of these will provide you, leagues, better features than what you would find inside of the stock video editor on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for the ability to export in YouTube’s unique 16:9 ratio, or you’re looking for extra trimming and cutting features, any one of these apps will be able to help you out.

If we had to recommend a couple, Adobe Premiere Clip is easily our favorite as far as professionalism goes; however, FilmoraGo and PowerDirector aren’t bad choices either.

Do you have a favorite video editor that you use for editing your YouTube content? Sound off in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

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