Google and Amazon finally make peace: YouTube returns to Fire TV, Prime Video to Chromecast

It wasn’t too long ago where Google and Amazon were having a hardcore dispute between each other. That ended in Google removing YouTube off of Fire TV devices and Prime Video being removed from Chromecast. Now, it seems that Google and Amazon are making up, but with a couple of device exceptions.

Starting today, you should see YouTube available on a variety of Fire TV streaming devices. Amazon Prime Video should also be back on Chromecast.

The one exception here is that older Fire TV devices won’t support YouTube. For now, the Fire TV stick (second generation) and up will support it, as well as all of Amazon’s new Fire TV devices. All Fire TVs themselves will support YouTube as well.

It’s nice to see that Google and Amazon are coming to a truce here, because the only people that were hurt during this feud were the users who enjoyed YouTube content on Fire TV devices, and those who loved Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast.

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