YouTube Will Remove Videos That Link COVID-19 to 5G Use

  • YouTube has mentioned that it will remove videos from its platform that links the coronavirus to 5G usage or cell towers.
  • This is one of the commonly floated misinformation on the internet right now.
  • It is said that vandals have destroyed some cell towers in the UK as a consequence of this misinformation.

There’s a lot of misinformation being spread right now, perhaps more than ever given the coronavirus pandemic that has affected people from across the globe. One such false news making the rounds constantly on platforms like YouTube is that the spread of coronavirus is linked to 5G cell towers. In parts of the UK, some vandals have reportedly destroyed cell towers over the last two weeks.

YouTube is now taking steps to avoid the spread of any such misinformation in the future. Starting right away, the company will remove any video that links the coronavirus to 5G usage or cell towers. The Guardian reports that YouTube may still choose to keep 5G conspiracy theories online as long as they don’t mention the coronavirus in their videos. This is an important step to make sure users are not getting the wrong information, particularly in a time like this.

There have been multiple reports online that have linked 5G use or its signal waves to some health condition. Social media platforms have a huge responsibility in times of crisis, and it’s good to know YouTube has stepped up. If you encounter any information that you think is not credible or true, a quick Google search can always be useful. It’s even better if you have narrowed in a couple of sources for reliable information each time a news breaks.

So if you’re using a 5G smartphone while staying at home, you can continue using it without worrying about the coronavirus.

Via: The Guardian

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