21 Best Portable Solar Charger For Camping in 2024

Given the sheer number of competitors available in the market, it’s usually hard to pick one. But based on expert reviews and onboard features, we highly recommend the Anker 21W PowerPort Solar Charger. It covers all the bases and makes very little compromises, making it one of the best in the business.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best portable solar charger you can buy today.

Best Portable Solar Charger

1. BigBlue Solar Charger

This is an excellent 28W solar panel worth considering for anyone going camping thanks to the versatile features that it provides. To start with, it comes with three USB ports, which should be enough to power your phone or tablet. The design of this solar charger is such that it accommodates placing it practically anywhere while you trek, including your backpack.

Additionally, it comes with slots to help you hook it up to trees or small plants where the sunlight can reach the best. The company mention that each port provides an output of 5V/2.4A Max, which should offer decent charging speed on most devices. The company assures safe and convenient charging with protections against overcharging built-in.

You will need to have a phone or laptop hooked into the USB port for the solar panel to work. The manufacturer also provides a 50cm micro USB cable with this solar charger, allowing you to connect your Android devices right away, though you will need a separate cable if you’re looking to charge iPhones and iPads.

2. Nekteck Solar Charger

This is a 21W solar panel that can provide excellent charging speed for your connected devices. The bungee loops available on the charger make it easy to hang it anywhere or simply hook it up to your backpack as you trek around the camping site. It is always recommended to use this device to charge your standard power banks or pair a rugged long-lasting solar-compatible power generator.

The company mentions that this solar charger has a total of 2 USB ports which can provide up to 3A of power when you charge two devices simultaneously. However, the speed is capped to 2A when a single device is plugged in. Though we would have liked more than two USB ports on this offering, the convenience and the ease of use pushes us in its favor.

The solar panel is covered with a canvas that is designed to sustain harsh outdoor conditions, including rain and snow. The foldable nature of the charger also allows you to shove it in your backpack without breaking a sweat. As far as charging compatibility is concerned, the company mentions that you can charge practically any USB compatible device, including your camera, phone, or tablet.

3. Anker PowerPort Solar

The Anker 21W PowerPort Solar Charger is a nifty addition to your camping equipment thanks to the handy features it brings to the fore. Given Anker’s expertise with charging accessories, customers can expect to get the best in terms of charging speed as well as overall performance. The company mentions that the two USB ports on the device come with PowerIQ charging technology enabled, allowing the charger to recognize the devices and provide adequate charging speed. Fast charging is supported on some devices.

This offering by Anker can also be used to charge the battery on most power banks, provided there’s adequate sunlight. As a bonus, Anker also provides a 3 feet micro USB cable with this charger, letting you charge most Android phone and tablets out of the box, though we would have also liked to see a USB C cable inside.

This Anker 21W solar charger is backed by the company’s 18-month warranty, comfortably making this one of the best 21W USB solar portable chargers out there.

4. SUAOKI Solar Charger

This is a slightly bigger offering, though it is still foldable, making it easy to carry around during road trips. Specifically, it is designed to work with power generators and batteries as it can power up devices at 100W. On the downside, the large panels basically mean you can’t put this in your backpack, though it will fit perfectly in the boot of your car.

The company provides a single USB port on this portable solar charging panel, though it is compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard, allowing you to juice up your smartphones and tablets with fast charging technology.

One of the best features of this particular product is that it can absorb direct sunlight even during low-light conditions or winter as per the company. Though users are recommended to rely on its capabilities only when sunlight is available. Given that this charger is meant to work with multiple devices, the manufacturer offers accessories like a DC cable, battery clamps, and so on. There’s also a 10-in-1 connector for a wide range of ports. This product is supported by 24-months of manufacturer warranty.

5. Goertek Solar Charger

This is perhaps one of the smallest solar power battery pack available in the market today, and unlike flat solar panels, this can hold a charge, thanks to the onboard battery. So think of this as a solar power bank or phone charger that can charge itself using nothing bu the sun as the power source. It comes with a 25,000 mAh battery onboard, so it may take quite some time for this solar-powered charger to be fully charged via solar energy.

As a bonus, this product also comes with 36-LEDs for excellent illumination during camping, and the best part is that it comes with three USB ports built-in, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. To make it extra handy during campaign trips, the company also provides a carabiner in the box.

Also included are a micro USB cable, and a user manual. The company recommends users to charge up the external battery at home before leaving on your trip to be on the safer side. This portable battery or power bank has a series of indicator LEDs showing you the battery capacity as well as charging status.

6. TogoPower Solar Charger

This is more in line with the larger solar charging panels that we’ve discussed above, and are suited for carrying in your car for camping trips. It can power devices at up to 120W, making it suitable for portable power stations that are available in abundance. However, we recommend checking for compatibility before getting this product.

There are bungee loops on each corner of this solar panel, making it easy to hang it on top of your vehicle’s roof or even on a tree at your camping site. Unlike other large-sized portable solar chargers, this offering comes with two USB ports. While one port is a standard USB A connection, the other comes with USB C support, making it compatible with a wide range of new devices available in the market. The company mentions that the Smart IC used in the ports allow it to recognize the device you’re using and provide the right amount of power.

The company mentions that this charger only weighs 10.25lb when folded, making it easy to stash it behind your boot for easy transportation.

7. X-DRAGON Solar Charger

This 20W portable solar-powered charger is recommended for backpackers given its small size. It is accompanied by dual USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. Further, the company mentions that it can offer charging speeds of up to 2A per port or 3A if two devices are charging via sunlight. The company has also been kind enough to offer a carabiner to make this easy to place anywhere you want.

X-Dragon is touting the use of its SolarIQ technology that can automatically adjust the current and voltage to make sure your devices remain safe throughout. The company also mentions that thanks to 20W of power, it can charge both your phone and tablet at the same time efficiently.

The combination of the features we mentioned above as well as the fact that it’s extremely portable make this among the best solar chargers out there.

8. ECEEN Portable Solar Charger

This solar charger is powered by Sunpower solar cells, providing the best performance possible. It comes with two USB ports built-in with support for charging two devices at the same time. However, both USB ports can provide power only at 2A, which is somewhat lacking compared to the other solar panels we’ve discussed today. It’s also worth mentioning that this solar charger can power devices at 13W.

In terms of design, this charger is extremely easy to carry around thanks to the foldable body. Further, it comes with multiple hooks to let you hang it up on top of your car or at your campsite. The manufacturer is also kind enough to offer a micro USB cable with this portable solar panel, allowing you to charge your supported devices immediately.

The company mentions that there’s a voltage regulator inside that keeps your devices safe from overcharging or any other issues. Given the size and compatibility, we highly recommend this USB solar charging panel.

9. RAVPower Solar Charger

RAVPower is a company that is synonymous with power banks and other mobile accessories. So it’s only natural that the company also has one of the best solar chargers for phones. This particular offering comes with 21W input, meaning it can power a phone and a tablet at the same time. As is the case with most solar panels of this nature, the company recommends not to place this on sand, rocks, or concrete as it could damage the capabilities of the panels.

This solar-powered charger utilizes a smart IC system to accurately provide the right power for the device that you plug in. This also keeps your devices safe from damage or overheating. The fact that it can charge a phone or two together, while also being so small and portable, ensures that users get the best solar charging for phone.

Naturally, customers can also use this to charge the battery on their power bank or any other portable battery. The company mentions that this portable charging station can provide an output of up to 2A from both ports.

10. IEsafy Solar Charger

This is one of those rare products like the one we talked about previously that offers the best of both worlds. While it comes with a built-in battery to charge your devices, it also has dedicated solar panels for charging up the battery using nothing but sunlight. This battery pack can do this with an input of 6W, so it’s not particularly the fastest among portable solar panels. The battery capacity here is rated at 26,800 mAh, meaning it can charge multiple phones on a full charge.

However, an exception can be made here considering the fact that it also has its very own battery pack. There are a total of three ports here including 2 standard USB ports to charge your devices in addition to a micro USB port for charging up the battery pack using conventional charging methods.

Though the minimal charging speed via the solar panels could prove to be a hindrance, users can rectify this by charging up the battery pack well in advance of your camping trip. The fact that this device can effectively do both makes this one of the best solar chargers for your phone or tablet.

11. Panergy Solar Charger

This is yet another offering that serves in the same category as the product we discussed above. This solar charger comes with a 26,800 mAh battery of its own. This basically means you can charge your phone nearly 5 times if you’re using one of the modern flagships. As you expected, there are solar panels on this power bank as well, allowing you to charge it up while you’re camping.

The input via the onboard solar panels is rated 7.5W which could mean that you will need several hours of sunlight to fully charge up this device. However, the manufacturer has been wise enough to offer a micro USB port so that you can charge this device using a standard wall adapter at home before heading out.

Much like other solar battery chargers, there are two USB slots available on this device, but it’s nothing but conventional. One of the ports here is USB C with support for USB Power Delivery, allowing you to charge up to two phones at the same time. The other slot is a standard USB A and can charge another device of your choosing. As a bonus, this power bank / solar panel comes with an array of 60 LEDs for ultra-bright illumination in the dark. However, continued usage of the flashlight may eat into the battery capacity.

12. Kyng Solar Charger

This is one of the best portable solar panels or chargers that we’ve come across thanks to its range of features. To start with, it can power up devices at up to 120W, meaning it can even be used with your portable power generators or power banks. This also allows the onboard solar panels to work more efficiently toward capturing sunlight, thus increasing its effectiveness.

The best part here is that this panel also comes with three USB slots, allowing you to charge multiple devices together. One of the ports is designed to work with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 devices (3A) while the other two can provide a maximum output of 2A. Naturally, this means you can also automatically enable fast charging on compatible devices. This is among those solar chargers that can detect the phone or tablet you’ve plugged in and provide the right amount of power.

A wide range of accessories and cables are provided with this product, saving you the trouble of buying additional cables for a portable battery generator or your phone. The manufacturer mentions that this product is backed with 1 year of warranty.

13. CHOETECH Solar Charger

This is a solar panel designed for portability and maximum utility. It has a flexible design that makes it easy to store it on your travels, even in your normal-sized backpack. It receives solar power at 19W and can charge 2 USB powered devices thanks to dedicated slots. As far as charging speed is concerned, the brand mentions that this panel can provide a maximum output of 3A on both ports.

Since it’s made using PET polymer, this solar panel/charger is extremely durable and meant to be used in the harshest weather conditions. The eyehole designed within this panel allows for easily hooking this up to your backpack so that it can absorb solar energy as you proceed with your trek.

The company provides a charging cable with this solar panel, allowing you to utilize it on your compatible smartphones or other devices right away. The dual-port system also allows this panel to charge a phone and a tablet at the same time, making it one of the best solar chargers around.

14. Kingsolar Solar Charger

This is a large-sized portable solar panel that is convenient for use during a trip on your personal vehicle. The company mentions that it grabs solar power at up to 100W, which makes it the best option for a large battery pack or portable chargers that are sold today.

But the product’s feature list doesn’t stop here. This is foldable to the extent that you don’t need to shove it another bag or backpack. It can simply be held together like a briefcase thanks to the durable plastic buckle provided with these solar panels. The manufacturer uses a multi-panel design here to make sure sunlight is captured from all sides effectively.

The fabric accompanying the solar panel is said to be water-resistant, making this product suitable for use even in gloomy conditions. The only downside here is that this panel only comes with a single USB port that can provide an output of 5V (2A).

15. FOVAL Outdoor Solar Charger

This is an excellent alternative to the wide range of solar panels and chargers we’ve talked about today. It comes with an input of 24W, which makes it better than most offerings in this range. There are dual USB slots on this portable battery charger and users can charge multiple phones simultaneously.

This is among those solar chargers that can be easily shoved into your backpack before a trip. Moreover, the dual USB slots also allow you to charge a standard power bank or battery pack. Given the folding nature of the device, it is important to make sure that the panels are set in the right position and without any shadows to eke out maximum performance from this panel.

The manufacturer mentions that this panel also comes with fast charging capabilities and built-in protection against overcharging to keep your connected devices safe. The company offers 18 months of warranty on its panels.

16. Ryno-Tuff Portable Solar Charger

As the name indicates, this charger is meant to be rugged and sustain harsh outdoor weather conditions. This uses the most powerful solar cells currently available in the market – Sunpower X-Series, offering up to 25% more conversion over other offerings. This is a 21W solar charger and the manufacturer goes on to mention that it can charge your phone in just around 2 hours, thanks to built-in quick charging tech.

This battery has dual USB slots that can provide sufficient power even if you have plugged in two phones at the same time. Further, this product uses a 600D waterproof PVC canvas to make sure it can withstand rain with ease, which can be a handy feature if you’re camping in the wilderness.

One of the best parts of this portable solar power panel is that it comes with a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer. This is effective for any malfunctioning of the panels as well as the USB slots. This aspect makes this one of the best solar chargers going around.

17. MOOLSUN Solar Charger

Though this looks nothing like conventional solar panels or chargers, it’s certainly got all the features one can ask for. To start with, this panel can charge your phone or tablet using not two but three USB slots, something that we don’t see a lot of among solar panels. It has an input capacity of 24W that allows it to charge your phone pretty quickly. The inclusion of Quick Charging via QC 3.0 helps a great deal in this regard as well.

The manufacturer mentions that the onboard USB slots can provide charging speeds of up to 2.1A for your phone, tablet, or power bank. Using a combination of ETFE Surface and precision stitching, this charger is meant to be used in the harsh outdoors and is water-resistant as well.

Additionally, there are several openings within the solar panels that allow users to place it at a convenient location. The fact that it’s lightweight and ultra-thin makes it one of the best solar panels out there.

18. WISSBLUE Solar Panel Charger

This is a standard 21W solar panel that comes with dual USB slots for multi-device charging. The company mentions that each port can be used for fast charging your phone(s) at 4.2A. This is a foldable solar panel which makes it extremely easy to transport wherever you go. Unlike bigger offerings, this one can be placed inside your travel bag or backpack.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides loops or holes within the panels to help you place it on surfaces. It can also be placed on the ground and is sturdy enough to stand on its own. As with any solar battery chargers, users have to ensure that it gets decent exposure to sunlight with no shadows blocking its path.

In addition to offering a 1-year warranty for this solar panel, this offering also comes with a money-back guarantee, putting it among the best solar panels out there.

19. ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Charger

While this may not necessarily fit in your backpack, it will certainly power up more devices with increased efficiency, including portable chargers or power banks. There are 2 USB slots on this offering, which allow you to get the most out of the powerful panels onboard this product.

Speaking of which, the input is mentioned as 100W, so it should be more than enough to run your phone and even laptops for a few days off the electricity grid. However, this may not be possible in gloomy or rainy conditions. There’s a standard 18V DC output available as well, which is a standard feature among larger solar chargers.

The company offers a series of accessories including cables with this particular solar battery charger, saving you the trouble of searching for cables when the product arrives. It’s worth noting that though its size may not allow for it to be stored inside backpacks, the holes provided on the panels allow you to hang it onto a backpack.

20. Foxelli Solar Charger

This is undoubtedly one of the better looking solar chargers out there thanks to the interesting design on the panel. In terms of features, this is certainly one of the best solar panels you will find. We say this because it has a clever design backed by 2 USB slots, offering the ability to charge 2 devices including a phone and a tablet without compromising on the speed.

It has an output of 10W, which means it may be somewhat lacking compared to other offerings we’ve talked about. However, this solar battery charger scores full marks for the design, as well as the ease of juicing up your electronic devices.

If you’re worried by intermittent rains in your region in between sunlight, this panel can handle it comfortably thanks to the water-resistant coating. It also has a premium stitch pattern that makes it stand out. The company also provides a couple of carabiners with this panel to make hooking it up to surfaces easier, something that we see among other solar battery chargers as well.

21. GIARIDE Solar Charger

Though solar chargers or panels are often available with the features that the customers are seeking, the design is an area where manufacturers can truly show their uniqueness. The same can be said about this offering by Giaride which has a 21W input, though it can be folded into a briefcase like format thanks to the layout.

It also comes built-in fast-charge technology via the dual USB slots, though it may not be on par with conventional quick chargers or adapters. Though this can charge a smartphone or tablet, it may struggle with some laptops as the manufacturer recommends a product with at least 40W of input for that purpose.

The company offers a DC cable, a standard USB charger cable as well as a laptop connector port. Other accessories like a carabiner and a clip line are provided with device too, making it one of the best solar chargers available right now, and we know there are many.

Best Solar Charger Overview

If you’re out camping frequently, you will know that charging your phone using regular means isn’t possible, particularly if you’re in the wilderness. Thankfully, technology has evolved to such an extent that users can now utilize solar power to charge up their electronic devices such as your phone while disconnected from the world. Though there are no specific “solar charging phones” out there, thanks to USB slots, customers can charge practically any device using compatible solar panels today.

As you’re probably aware, there are several options available for portable solar-powered chargers, we’re going to help you scour through the clutter and find the best charger for your upcoming camping trip. As a bonus, some of these offerings also come with conventional means of charging, so you can juice them up before you head out camping if solar power is not an option on your trip. However, given the limitations in size, some portable solar chargers cannot store electricity.

We recommend all users to check each product closely before making a decision as some models could lack the features that you’re specifically looking for. This is the nature of variety in the portable solar panels industry, and knowing more about a particular product always helps.

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