Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Release Date, News, and Rumors

Samsung unveiled the sixth iteration of the Galaxy Tab S series in 2019 under the Galaxy Tab S6 moniker. The tablet continues to be one of the best Android tablets available in the market thanks to its combination of excellent hardware and notebook-style usability. However, it’s no secret at this point that Samsung’s tablet lineup hasn’t particularly caught on with the industry.

The company has also somewhat confused the market with regard to the flagship Galaxy Tab S lineup. Just a few months after launching the Galaxy Tab S5e, the company released the Galaxy Tab S6 in Q3 2019. This is despite the fact that there was no Galaxy Tab S5 in the market as the company decided to launch the mid-range Tab S5e instead.

2020 is expected to bring a refresh of the lineup with the Galaxy Tab S7. Given that the tablet is compared heavily to the Apple iPad Pro, it makes sense that Samsung will probably look to bring some high-end features to the device.

There’s quite a bit that we have learnt about the tablet so far, which gives us a good idea of what to expect. While there’s still some uncertainty with regard to when it will break cover, there’s no doubt that it’s on the way. So here’s what you need to know about the Galaxy Tab S7.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Release Date, News, and Rumors

Galaxy Tab S7 News

A Dutch site GalaxyClub recently reported that the Galaxy Tab S7 will be available in two sizes, including a “Plus” model.

Since the tablet is a few months away from release, it’s entirely likely that quite a few things will change by the time it hits the markets.

The tablet will also most likely retain the AMOLED display, while adding some other eye-catching features. The S Pen stylus is expected to be included by default.

Galaxy Tab S7 Release Date

As per current estimates, the Galaxy Tab S7 will be launched by August this year. However, Samsung is yet to schedule an event, so there’s nothing set in stone as of now. But going by the company’s previous Galaxy Tab S device announcements, it’s safe to assume that the Tab S7 will arrive before the end of the year.

Galaxy Tab S7 Rumors

Galaxy Tab S6

Size and Design

Samsung will probably have to make a handful of changes with regard to the design so as to accommodate a larger display panel. However, the core design will most likely remain the same, while there could likely be some adjustments made to the rear camera arrangement, which we’ll discuss shortly.

The materials used in its making will likely remain unchanged, which means we’ll probably see a robust aluminum frame coupled with an aluminum back panel. The company may also bring a handful of new colors to the mix.

The Galaxy Tab S6 was also known for its slim profile, with the tablet measuring only 5.7mm at its thinnest. While this is not rare for a tablet, we expect Samsung to try making the device even thinner.


One of our favorite features of the company’s Galaxy Tab S lineup is the inclusion of AMOLED displays. There are very few manufacturers out there that make OLED tablets of this size, and Samsung does the job very well. So while there’s always room for improvement, the display will most likely remain unchanged.

There’s been talk of the company looking to offer two sizes of the tablet with one said to be an 11-inch variant and the other a bigger 12.4-inch model. While there’s no confirmation on whether these tablets will retain the AMOLED displays, we don’t see any reason to change this aspect with the 2020 Galaxy Tab S refresh.


The Galaxy Tab S6 boasts of a dual-camera system that’s impressive in every regard. While many would consider this to be overkill for a tablet device, Samsung begs to differ. The stakes are even higher now with Apple officially bringing its high-end triple camera layout to the latest iPad Pro refresh. Taking this into account, it shouldn’t be surprising if Samsung chooses to make an upgrade in the camera department, perhaps by using a third sensor on the back.

The front camera on the Tab S6 clearly didn’t get much importance, although it is still a pretty capable 8MP shooter. Given the emphasis on video calls and Zoom meetings in today’s world, perhaps this is an area that Samsung can choose to upgrade. But again, there’s no definitive information available on this right now, so we only have to wait and watch.

Other features

The Galaxy Tab S6 maxed out at 256GB of internal storage. However, the storage capacity didn’t make too much of a difference to prospective buyers since the Galaxy Tab S6 also has a microSD card slot. While we would like for Samsung to stick to internal storage only, it’s clear that the company will want to offer the same flexibility with the successor. So expect to find a microSD card slot with the Galaxy Tab S7 later this year.

While the predecessor offered up to 8GB of RAM onboard, the Galaxy Tab S7 may be upgraded with up to 12GB of RAM. We can make this connection since the Galaxy S20 also has the same RAM capacity. 12GB could well be the new standard for flagship tablets and smartphones. This could also help Samsung push the Galaxy Tab S7 as an enterprise and productivity friendly offering.

Much like last year’s model, we don’t expect the Galaxy Tab S7 to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. So your options may be limited to setting up a USB C adapter, or wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The charging ports will remain unchanged, while the battery capacity on the tablet could be enhanced further, especially since the base model of the Galaxy Tab S7 is expected to have a 11-inch display.

The tablet will also have an under-display (optical) fingerprint scanner under the hood, much like its predecessor. This has been an important addition on the Tab S6 as it cut down on unnecessary bezel space, providing maximum display real estate to the users. However, one hopes that Samsung makes some upgrades to the optical sensor that it uses given that several users have complained about it being slow and not secure enough.

The tablet will also support face unlocking, much like its predecessor as well as the most recent crop of Samsung flagships – the galaxy s20. However, the company probably won’t endorse this too heavily on its marketing materials, as this is merely considered an alternative to fingerprint authentication, and not particularly a replacement. It’s good to know that users will have the option to choose, though.

Likely to come with 5G

There’s no confirmation on this front as of yet, but the Galaxy Tab S7 could very likely use the Snapdragon 865 chipset which is currently powering almost every top-end 2020 flagship, including Samsung’s own galaxy s20.

What this also means is that the tablet could support 5G by default, making it a much more attractive tablet, particularly in markets like the U.S. If reports about a Q3 2020 release are accurate, Samsung may well beat Apple in the race to launch a 5G enabled tablet. Samsung has already unveiled multiple 5G smartphones in the market with the first coming in late 2019. Its industry rival Apple, on the other hand, is yet to launch a 5G compatible iPhone or iPad.

S Pen

Galaxy Tab S6

Much like the predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S7 will come with the S Pen stylus by default. This gives users the ability to scribble down something or take notes effectively. Users will also be able to interact with certain UI elements using this stylus. Since this stylus is Bluetooth operated, users get more control and precision over their art or sketches. This could prove to be an important inclusion, particularly when compared with Apple’s iPad Pro which doesn’t come with a stylus by default. Instead, Apple sells an expensive accessory known as the Apple Pencil to provide seamless stylus capabilities.

Much like on the Tab S6, the S Pen stylus on this tablet is likely going to stick to the back panel, making it easier to store it away when you don’t need it. Previously, Samsung relied on dedicated stylus silos to store S Pen.

Likely to run Android 10 by default

Since Google isn’t expected to unveil Android 11 until fall this year, it’s unlikely that the Galaxy Tab S7 will have the software on board. However, users should get Android 10 with the tablet, while Samsung hopefully doesn’t wait long to send Android 11 to the device.

Galaxy Tab S7 Price

The Galaxy Tab S6 retailed for nearly $650 for the 128GB version, which is an excellent place to start for the Galaxy Tab S7 as well. However, given that there are rumored to be more upgrades under the hood, including a significantly bigger display variant, Samsung may just decide to push the pricing a little higher.

Not to mention the fact that this will also be one of the few tablets to support 5G connectivity by default. This doesn’t make us too hopeful of seeing affordable versions of the flagship Samsung tablet.

  1. When will the Galaxy Tab S7 arrive?

    It is estimated that the tablet will be unveiled by August 2020.

  2. Will the Galaxy Tab S7 come with 5G?

    Given the advancements in 5G technology as well as rumors coming up recently, it’s very likely that there will be a 5G variant of the Galaxy Tab S7.

  3. Will the Galaxy Tab S7 come with an AMOLED display?

    It is said that Samsung will have two models of the Galaxy Tab S7 this year – 11-inch and 12.4-inch. So it’s unclear if the company will offer AMOLED panels on both or reserve it for the high-end model.

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