Solutions for Android Javascript Problems

If you keep on encountering Android Javascript problems like messages that say Javascript is not enabled or if a webpage is not displaying properly in your browser, there might be something wrong with your Javascript settings or it might be disabled.

To fix the issue, simply follow these steps to enable Javascript:

1. Search for the Internet browser of your Android device and tap it.

2. Press the Menu button on the left below your screen.

3. Choose Settings from the options.

4. Select Advanced in the menu.

5. Look for the box on the right of the Enable Javascript command and tick it.

That should activate the Javascript of your Android device and prevent the error messages from coming in. But if the problem persists after enabling Java, try to see if the old Android phone restart trick will work because a minor system glitch might be causing it.

Another source of the problem might be corruption of the Java program. So try reinstalling it using these steps:

1. Open the Google Play store app.

2. On the search bar, type Java.

3. Choose among the Java apps.

4. Install the chosen app.

5. Apps like AIDE may ask you to create a name for your app so just follow the instructions displayed to do it.

6. Just to be sure that Javascript is enabled, repeat the previous steps to enable Javascript.

Check also if there are apps interfering with Java or your browser. Simply disable or uninstall them using these steps:

1. Press Menu

2. Go to Settings.

2. Select Apps and swipe to the All tab.

3. Choose the app that you want to disable or uninstall.


The items on the menu may have a slight variation depending on the type or model of your Android device. However, the way to fix various Android Javascript problems come in the same flow presented here.

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