Solutions to Smartphone Static Noise and Power Drain Problems

#1 Smartphone Static Noise When Calling

Are you having smartphone static noise when making calls? Here are the possible causes and solutions to your problem:

a. Interference From Other Devices

If you are experiencing a cracking sound when making calls or receiving them, you are likely to be experiencing problems in getting a signal in your area or it is a carrier issue. To avoid this, keep away from devices or appliances that emit radio signals or electromagnetic energy. A strong movement of these could definitely cause a static in your audio when talking to someone.

b. Carrier Issue

But if the area you are in is free from strong signals from the mentioned sources, it might only be a carrier issue. Try to ask someone in your area who is subscribing to the services of your carrier. If many are experiencing this, then it is probably an issue with the network. Just call your carrier and inform them of the problem when this happens.

c. Hardware Problem

If the problem is not caused by the two aforementioned causes, you are probably having a problem with your hardware already. I had this similar issue with my phone before. I only had problems when talking to someone but I never had any problem sending texts or accessing the Internet. Also, all other smartphones in our house with the same carrier seemed to work well when placing calls.

Another symptom that made me realize that it was a hardware issue is that the screen of my phone kept on flickering and sometimes it would fail to work even after restarting. Using headphones did not seem to fix the issue too.

It turned out that the static was actually a result of a faulty wiring and burned up chip in my phone’s processor. So, I had it fixed in a Samsung repair center.

#2 Smartphone Battery Drains Fast Even After Charging

Have you noticed that your smartphone battery has been draining so fast even after charging your device? Here are the possible causes and solutions to the problem:

a. Short Circuit

I will already rule out the app and software problem from this since it is very unusual for a smartphone to get drained in just a few minutes after getting fully charged. An app or software issue should not be able to use up so much battery juice in just a short span of time.

If this usually happens, check if your device is unusually hot before it shuts down. This is because it is an indication that there might be a problem with its circuitry. Visit a smartphone repair center near you if you think that this is what’s causing all the trouble.

b. Battery Needs Replacement

If everything is well with the circuit of your phone, then the good news is that you are only having a problem with your battery. So, all you have to do is have it replaced.

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