What is MCM Client and how does it work?

Considering the fact that more and more employees are bringing mobile devices into the workplace for business use, firms are pursuing to manage contents that are accessible on those devices to make sure that company information remains secure. This is where MCM or mobile content management tools come in handy. So what exactly is an MCM client and how does it work? Read on to find out more information.

what is mcm client

Mobile Content Management (MCM) Overview

MCM stands for Mobile content management, otherwise known as mobile information management or MIM. It is one of the components of mobile device management (MDM) solutions that offers secure access to corporate resources including media files and documents on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

In Android devices, MCM client lets you access documents and media contents  using a secure authentication system. This therefore guarantees that only authenticated users or clients are allowed to access corporate files stored on the device.

Corporate data in business firms are typically divided into two categories namely personal data and sensitive data. Personal data are those that can be accessed by normal apps including all apps from other sources (third-party software) on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Sensitive data on the other hand are basically exclusive files about the business. These files are only accessible by authorized users. Devices that are used to access sensitive data are typically mobile devices with an MCM client. Through this client, balance between productivity and endpoint security is guaranteed.

What are MCM Client Apps?

MCM client apps are basically programmed to prevent malware, ransomware and spyware attacks on corporate data. To do this, many sorts of restrictions are applied especially on actions concerning corporate data sharing. As a result, interference or involvement of employees to download third-party apps is reduced and access to sensitive data is limited.

Huge firms make use of a dedicated MCM client app to grant their employees access to work files including emails, schedules, spreadsheets, presentations and other enterprise-related information while at work and in some other remote locations.

Needless to say, MCM client apps do offer corporate bosses a peace of mind especially when it comes to enterprise data security.

As for the employees, they can remain productive and resourceful without putting any sensitive corporate data at risk to any sort of unauthorized breaches.

MCM Client on Android/Samsung Devices

Many Android devices, particularly Samsung tablets and smartphones do integrate an MCM agent deployed by MCM solutions, especially when these devices are brought under management. With the MCM client installed, Android and Samsung devices allow employees to view and download shared content in the company securely. Corporate data security is assured with various types of restrictions integrated in the system. 

Among the key features of the MCM client on Android and Samsung devices include content creation and profile distribution, corporate data collaboration and distribution with authentication, data leakage prevention, remote updating and wiping of password protected content, multi-channel content delivery, content access control, specialized templating system and location-based content delivery, to name some.

The MCM client that’s often used in Android and Samsung devices is ME MDM app. Normally, the ME MDM app is automatically installed when an Android or Samsung device is enrolled into Mobile Device Manager Plus. This app is also silently installed by corporate admins in Windows, Macs and other devices used by employees for content sharing. Shared data will not be accessible by personal apps.

Another built-in MDM app in Android and Samsung devices is the SCPM client or Smart Certified Project Manager. It usually comes in the form of a kernel app package on an Android smartphone or tablet with a main task to enforce the device power administration policies. 

The SCPM client usually works along with the Android Smart Manager app that optimizes power usage by frequently used apps for optimum performance.

2021 Best MCM Client/MDM Solutions

Ten of this year’s top-rated MCM client or MDM solutions for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS devices are as follow:

  • AirWatch Workspace ONE MDM solution
  • ManageEngine MDM Plus
  • Citrix Endpoint Management MDM solution
  • Cisco Meraki
  • IBM MaaS360
  • SOTI MobiControl Endpoint management software
  • BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management
  • Jamf Now
  • Miradore Mobile Device Management
  • SimplySecure for iOS and Android

Leading carriers like Sprint also integrate a dedicated MCM client on their devices to help users install essential apps and access additional features such as premium message services, video-on-demand, unlimited calls and data services. 

To many people, the pre-installed MCM client in Android devices is just bloatware, but the fact is that it’s there because it has some purpose.

Hope this helps!

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