What Does MCM Mean?

Acronyms rule the world – especially for the youth of America. As social networking booms, it’s easy to lose track of which acronyms mean what and in what context. WCW usually stands for Women’s Crush Wednesday – unless you’re on a pro wrestling-centric networking site. But, what does MCM mean, and how is it connected to WCW? Find out below.

What is MCM?

Thankfully, MCM is much simpler and has no market confusion as it simply stands for Man Crush Monday. It’s the opposite of Woman Crush Wednesday, and gives men their own day for women to “crush” on them, which happens to be Monday, thus the term Man Crush Monday.

How do you use MCM in social media though? Generally, MCM is uses on photo-centric websites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and sometimes even Twitter. In more occasional cases, you might see it used on Snapchat.

The formula essentially goes that someone posts a photo of a man that they have a crush on, and then they caption it with the hashtag #MCM.


And that’s what MCM stands for! If you were confused before, hopefully we helped you with some clarity on what Man Crush Monday is all about.

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