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[Deal] T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for $149.99

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

With the #GearS3 set to hit major markets soon, the #GearS2 has sort of taken a back seat on our minds. But a deal on eBay promises to get your attention quickly as the retailer is selling the #GearS2Classic for just $149.99. The smartwatch is locked to work with T-Mobile in the U.S., so you will have to be an existing customer with the network to make use of its cellular features.

The Gear S2 Classic is the company’s high-end wearable that was released last year. It was retailing for nearly $350 during its launch, so to have it priced at just about $150 makes this a pretty impressive deal. The variant being offered here comes with a stainless steel body and a leather band, thus keeping it classy and old-school.

There’s no telling how long the wearable will last in stock, so be sure to check it out right away.

Get the T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for just $149.99 on eBay!

[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $124.99

Moto 360 Sport

Moto 360 Sport

You can now grab the 45mm #Moto360Sport for just $124.99 on eBay. This is a significantly discounted price on the original price tag of the wearable, which makes this a fairly attractive deal for everyone. The Moto 360 Sport is basically like the standard 2nd gen Moto 360, but with some added features which will appeal to the fitness buffs. If you’re one to go on a jog or want to track your workouts every day, then the Moto 360 Sport is meant for you.

What’s even better is that the seller is offering the smartwatch in two colors – White and Orange/Flame. That’s plenty of options for a wearable. The Moto 360 Sport comes with standard Android Wear related features on board as well, so it’s not just a fitness wearable. The smartwatch comes with a 45mm band. Be sure to check out the smartwatch from eBay’s page below.

Check out the Moto 360 Sport for just $124.99 on eBay!

[Deal] ASUS ZenWatch for $59.99

ASUS ZenWatch

ASUS ZenWatch - Side

The #ASUS #ZenWatch can now be yours for just $59.99 through eBay. This is the cheapest price we’ve seen on the ASUS wearable, and well worth your attention given the features on board. This is the first-gen model of the smartwatch, which partially explains the low cost. The ZenWatch comes with an oval shaped display which is quite unique to the smartwatch market that is crowded with square and circular display offerings.

It comes with a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage. Originally launched about two years ago, the ZenWatch is one of the most appealing first-gen Android Wear offerings you can buy right now. Although it pales in comparison to the likes of the Huawei Watch and the Watch Urbane, it’s certainly no slouch when it comes to performance.

The wearable might be available in limited quantities from the seller, so be sure to check the listing before it’s too late.

Get the first-gen ASUS ZenWatch for just $59.99 on eBay!

[Deal] Pebble Time Round for $134.43

Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round

You can now get the #Pebble Time Round for just $134.43 from Amazon. This is a fairly attractive pricing on the smartwatch considering the fact that it usually sells for nearly $200 or above. The wearable, as the name suggests, features a fully circular display, along with the goodness of Pebble. The smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, making it a truly OS agnostic wearable.


The watch body is Silver in color and is accompanied by a brown strap, which gives it that unique look. This is the 20mm variant of the wearable, so it might not be well suited for everybody. But if you’re looking to get yourself or someone else a new gift, be sure to pay closer attention to the Pebble Time Round.

There’s no telling how long the deal will last considering the fact that most Amazon deals are time-based. So it makes sense to latch on to the deal when you still can.

HTC and Under Armour branded smartwatch leaks out in pictures

HTC Smartwatch

HTC Smartwatch

#HTC and #UnderArmour have come together for a fitness band before, which has been available in a handful of markets as well. It seems like the two companies might be taking their partnership even further if a leak coming out of an online source is anything to go by. This HTC and Under Armour branded smartwatch has been spotted by a tech site, although we’re only getting a glimpse of the rear portion of the device. The device is supposedly codenamed “Halfbreak“.

It is said that this device is running Android Wear by default, which is not a surprise given that we’ve heard about an Android Wear based HTC smartwatch for quite a while now. In terms of onboard features, we can expect there to be some fitness based features to be present. But not much else is known about this device for now, so it seems like we’ll have to wait till the device is made official to get more info on that.

HTC has been surprisingly absent from the smartwatch industry while we’ve seen practically every other major Android OEM launching a smartwatch or two of their own. Considering these factors, an HTC made smartwatch might have a different appeal on the market.


Via: Mobile Syrup

ASUS launches ZenWatch 3 with a circular display and Android Wear

ASUS ZenWatch 3

ASUS ZenWatch 3

#ASUS has just announced the third iteration of its #ZenWatch wearable, aptly named the ZenWatch 3. It comes with a circular display and the full suite of Android Wear features, allowing users to get the proper smartwatch experience. The previous ZenWatch variants were featuring oval shaped displays, so this is a welcome change in the lineup.

It is featuring a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 400 x 400, which makes it one of the most pixel-dense wearables available out there. Clearly, ASUS is aiming for the stars here and does a good job of it as well. The wearable will be available in Gunmetal/Black, Rose Gold, and Silver variants. However, all models will come with a gold inlay, which is a unique touch, although it doesn’t suit every variant.

The ZenFone 3 has been priced at €229 ($255) in Europe, which isn’t too much given the form factor. ASUS is yet to share pricing and availability details for the North American markets, but we don’t think a release is far away.

Fancy what you see here? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Engadget

[Deal] Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for $104.99

Gear S2

The #Verizon branded #Samsung #GearS2 wearable is now selling for just $104.99 on eBay. This model is only compatible with Verizon accounts, however. The smartwatch runs on Tizen, which is Samsung’s proprietary smartwatch operating system that rivals Google’s Android Wear and Apple’s watchOS.

In terms of functionality and onboard features, the Gear S2 is pretty much up there with the big guys, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a closer look at this particular smartwatch. But unlike older Gear smartwatches, the Gear S2 is also compatible with some non-Samsung handsets.

Features like the rotating bezel makes for a pleasurable UI experience for the customers. This is something that isn’t available on any other contemporary smartwatch, making the Gear S2 quite unique. With Samsung expected to launch the Gear S3 pretty soon, we expect more discounts on the Gear S2 over the coming days. Hit the eBay link below for more details on the Gear S2.

Get the Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for just $104.99!

Meizu Mix is a new smartwatch with an analog watchface

Meizu Mix

Meizu Mix

#Meizu has just announced its crowd-funded smartwatch, the Mix. The wearable will be sold with an analog watchface, which makes it quite unique among the wearables available in the market today. The wearable will be available in Denim, Leather and Stainless Steel with Black and Silver variants on offer. It is running a customized smartwatch OS, so there’s no Android Wear on board.

The watch comes with a 42mm case, which makes it quite similar to the Moto 360. Although it lacks a proper touchscreen digital display, it does come with some smartwatch oriented features underneath. The 270 mAh battery is supposedly capable of offering 240 days of standby.

Given the limitations, Meizu is seeking the help of crowd funding site Taobao to fund this campaign. There’s no word on a global release at this point, but knowing Meizu, it’s probably going to remain within China and its neighboring regions. We expect the wearable to be more freely available as the months progress.

The Meizu Mix will be priced at 999 CNY ($150), 1,299 CNY ($196) and 1,499 CNY ($226) for the Denim, Leather and Stainless Steel models. Seems pretty reasonable given the classic look and the elegance that it offers.

What do you think?

Source: Anzhuo

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Lenovo teases the arrival of the 3rd gen Moto 360

Champagne Gold - Moto 360

Champagne Gold - Moto 360

#Lenovo is gearing up for the IFA 2016 event. The company is making no secret of that if a new video teaser is anything to go by. Lenovo is basically telling its fans that new products are incoming, including a Windows-based tablet/laptop hybrid as well as new Moto Mods. What has piqued our interest, though, is the mention of the 3rd gen Moto 360.

It’s hard to believe that the 2nd gen Moto 360 is already a year old. But that’s probably down to my poor memory. Anyway, the company looks all set to launch the new Android Wear smartwatch and the rumor mill should shortly start buzzing with speculation on what this device will bring to the table.

Will we see an exit of the infamous flat-tire design of the Moto 360? Will there be some new models on offer? All will be revealed by early September.

Check out the company’s video teaser below.

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Authority

ASUS ZenWatch 3 to feature a circular display

ASUS ZenWatch 3

ASUS ZenWatch 3

With #ASUS already releasing two iterations of the #ZenWatch so far, the company is seemingly gearing up for a third gen model, at least according to a recent FCC listing. What’s interesting about this listing is that it reveals a device which has a round or circular display, marking the first design change in the series since the first-gen model was launched.

The first two variants of the ZenWatch were packing a unique oval shaped display, which barely struck a chord with the market given the presence of the likes of the Moto 360, the LG G Watch Urbane and the Huawei Watch subsequently.

However, with ASUS finally joining the circular display bandwagon, we expect the Android Wear market to become more competitive. ASUS launched the ZenWatch 2 in September last year, so we can expect the successor to be shown off next month, perhaps during the IFA 2016 event in Berlin.

Do you welcome the addition of a circular display on the ZenWatch 3? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: AusDroid

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[Deal] 1st gen ASUS ZenWatch for $69.99

ASUS ZenWatch

ASUS ZenWatch

The first gen #ASUS #ZenWatch is now selling on eBay for just $69.99. The smartwatch has already seen a successor, which explains the low price being quoted by the retailer on this particular model. It doesn’t have a circular display like most current Android Wear watches, but a unique oval shaped panel, which is something that the successor has as well.

The ZenWatch didn’t see much success for as long as it was officially sold by ASUS, but the smartwatch is a pretty capable offering nonetheless. The ZenWatch comes with the most recent version of Android Wear, which means you’re getting the very best in terms of software experience.

Most Android Wear smartwatches share their hardware, and the ZenWatch is no different. It comes with a Snapdragon 400 SoC, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Make sure you hit the link below if you’re interested in snatching up the product.

Get the 1st gen ASUS ZenWatch for just $69.99 on eBay!

Fossil Q Marshal and Q Wander go on pre-order Aug 12, available Aug 29

Fossil Q Wander

Fossil Q Marshal

#Fossil has announced the pre-order dates for two new Android Wear smartwatches, the Q Wander and the Q Marshal. The two wearables will be available for purchase starting August 29, while pre-orders will begin on August 12. The company hasn’t offered precise pricing details, but has mentioned that the models will start from $295, so it’s clearly not going easy on your wallets.

Although the display appears to be circular, it’s likely that the manufacturer is using a flat-tire display like on the Moto 360. Although the press images have not made it apparent, it’s possible that the wearable will have a flat-tire display. It’s important to note that both wearables will be compatible with iOS devices as well, so you don’t necessarily need an Android smartphone to use these attractive wearables.

Make sure you mark your calendars for August 12 if you’re interested in snatching up either of these smartwatches.

Fossil Q Wander

Source: PR Newswire, Fossil

Via: Phandroid

[Deal] Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for $114.99

Gear S2

The #Samsung #GearS2 from #Verizon can now be purchased on eBay for a resounding $114.99. The smartwatch is usually available for well over $200, so this is quite a lot of savings on the device. The seller is offering the Black as well as the White model of the wearable. The smartwatch is refurbished.

Since it’s only compatible with Verizon, your choices are fairly limited in terms of carriers. A smartwatch like the Gear S2 can function independently of a smartphone, which makes it quite versatile compared to traditional Bluetooth or WiFi only wearables. So if you’re a Verizon subscriber (Android or iOS) and were contemplating the purchase of a smartwatch, your search should end now. There’s no telling how long the deal will last, so make sure you benefit from it while it’s still up.

Head over to the link below for further details.

Get the Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for just $114.99 on eBay!

Google supposedly working on two new Android Wear smartwatches

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0

According to a new rumor, #Google is planning the release of two new Android Wear smartwatches that will be akin to Nexus smartphones. This means that the company will have a say in its design and functioning. It is said that the company will release a high-end model with GPS, LTE, heart rate sensor etc on board and another variant sans those features, thus having two decent wearables at different price points.

The top of the line model is internally known as the ‘Angelfish‘, the report says, while the low-end model is in the works as ‘Swordfish‘. What’s even more exciting is the fact that these smartwatches will apparently include physical buttons, with the Angelfish supposedly having three buttons, while the Swordfish will settle for one.

Google’s Assistant software is said to be available by default, which shouldn’t really be a surprise. The Swordfish could be about 10.6mm thick, while the Angelfish, due to the additional components underneath, will be 14mm thick as per the report. Along with Assistant support, these new Android Wear smartwatches will apparently come with Google’s newly designed watch face which will offer improved notifications.


Via: Android Police