Google Could Be Planning a Major Revamp to Wear OS With Health and Fitness-Related Features

  • A new survey conducted by the Google User Experience Research program plans to gauge public interest in advanced smartwatch features like sleep apnea and SP02 tracking.
  • Other potential new features mentioned in the survey include the ability to track the flights of stairs the user has climbed and get alerts when the stress levels are too high.
  • There’s no confirmation from Google on whether these features will make its way to Wear OS, but this survey is certainly a step in the right direction.

Google is currently taking surveys on improving and adding a few new fitness and health-related features to the Wear OS platform. The company has recently acquired Fitbit, which means it is going to do everything it can to use the technologies on offer to implement them in some form with Wear OS. The survey on the Google User Experience Research program has revealed some interesting new features that could potentially make its way to Google’s smartwatch platform.

The survey talks about a wide range of features including the ability to monitor/track sleep apnea, SP02, or the potential to pair medical equipment more easily with smartwatches, including automatic detection. The survey asks participants how they would feel about the presence of a feature and the absence of it, thus helping gauge the participants’ accurate reaction to some of the new features proposed.

The folks at Droid-Life have managed to compile a list of features that are discussed in the survey, most of which could eventually make the cut to Wear OS with future updates. Here are just a few of the important features that were a part of the survey:

  • Tracking the flights of stairs you’ve climbed.
  • The ability to automatically share your vitals with emergency services in the event of a crash or an accident.
  • Breathing exercises to relax in addition to practicing mindfulness.
  • Stress tracking to remind you to relax or take measures when your stress levels are too high.
  • Tracking your daily water-intake for better hydration.

What do you make of these proposed features for Wear OS?

Via: Droid-Life

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