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Many PS5 gamers are reporting about annoying crashing issues when playing Spider-Man Miles Morales. If you are one of them and you have no idea how to go about this problem, check out this guide on how to fix it.

Causes for Spider-Man Miles Morales crashes on the PS5

There is no single universal reason why you may be experiencing crashes when playing Spider-Man Miles Morales. Let’s check each of the factors below.

Random game error.

No game is perfect and from time to time, gamers may encounter fatal crashes when playing. If Spider-Man Miles Morales only crashes infrequently, it may be due to a random error. Random bugs tend to disappear after installing updates so be sure to keep the game updated.

If the problem goes away after updating, the real cause may be due to a bad code. 

Game is outdated.

Majority of PS5 users who play Spider-Man don’t encounter crashing issues but if you are one of the few who does, the simplest thing that you can do, as mentioned above, is to ensure that the game is running its latest version.

Updates, especially for new games, not only bring aesthetic changes and additional features but majority of the time, also include patches for known bugs. 

Installing game updates is almost automatic for PS5 users so there’s really no convincing reason for you not to install them, especially for a new game console as the PS5. 

PS5 software bug.

Since both the game and the PS5 console are both new, it’s safe to assume that some people may encounter problems due to software issues as well. The PS5 is constantly evolving at this time so the points of failure in terms of software inconsistencies may be higher. 

Don’t worry though as the software situation as far as this console is concerned is overwhelmingly good so if there’s really a bug coming from a software coding issue, Sony will most likely address it as soon as possible.

Game files are corrupted.

For some, the main reason why their PS5 game may not be working normally can be traced to a bad saved game point, or corrupted game files. 

If you can’t seem to load the game properly, or if Spider-Man Miles Morales only crashes at a certain portion of a game, you may be dealing with corrupted saved game. 

Storage device issues.

Issues with your console’s storage device may spill over to your games and cause crashes. We’ve seen this happen with previous generation of gaming consoles. 

If you have multiple games crashing randomly on your PS5, one of the things that you must look into is the health of your SSD. 


Some players have reported overheating instances on their PS5, especially when playing disc-based games. If your PS5 appears to be getting too warm than normal when a game is running and crash follows afterwards, the system may be overheating.

Overheating is usually caused by poor ventilation. In some instances, a console may also overheat because of a software issue, or a hardware malfunction.

Dirty or broken game disc.

If you have the disc version of Spider-Man Miles Morales game, make sure that the disc is clean before inserting it to the console. Dirt, fingerprint, scratches, or cracks can disrupt the reading process and cause the game to crash due to incomplete information while loading.

How to fix Spider-Man Miles Morales crashing issue on the PS5

Below are possible solutions that you can try if Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 version keeps crashing on you:

Update the game.

If the game crashes randomly, one of the first things that you must do is to check if it requires an update. 

By default, your PS5 should scan for game updates but you can manually check for updates anytime as well. 

Check for PS5 firmware update.

In case the cause of the problem is firmware-related, make sure to also check for any available update for your PS5 system.

PS5 firmware update

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to your PS5 Home screen.
  2. Select the Settings icon at the upper right (cog or gear icon).
  3. Find and select System.
  4. On the right pane, select System Software Update and Settings.
  5. On the System Software Update and Settings page, make sure to enable Download Update Files Automatically and Install Update Files Automatically.
  6. Select Update System Software to have your PS5 check for any updates that may be waiting.

If there’s an available update, your PS5 will start the download process. Just wait for it and be sure not to turn the console off while it’s trying to install.

Load another save point.

If the game works in other areas but appears to be crashing only in a certain portion, it’s likely due to a corrupted saved game file. Try to manually load another saved checkpoint to see if that will bypass the bug, or prevent it from re-appearing once you’re passed that same part of the game.

Ensure the game disc is clean or working.

A dirty, scratched, or damaged (cracked) disc is one of the common reasons why games may fail to launch or crash shortly after loading. 

If your PS5 game disc is unreadable, try to see if wiping it with a clean, soft cloth will fix resolve the issue.

Keep in mind that your PS5 disc drive can only tolerate certain level of scratches. If the scratches are all over and affects critical portion of the disc that holds important information, it may render that disc unusable. The same is true if the disc has a crack. 

If possible, try to borrow another Spider-Man Mile Morales disc from someone and test it on your PS5. If that disc works while yours doesn’t, you need to replace your damaged game disc.

Check for overheating.

Game consoles may sometimes crash and may not turn back on right away due to overheating. An overheated system will need to lower down its internal temperature before it can start operating again. This is design feature to avoid causing permanent component damage. 

PS5 on table

If your PS5 becomes abnormally hot while you’re running a game and it’s followed by crashes or random shut downs, make sure to turn the system off immediately. Then, allow it to cool off for at least an hour before attempting a restart.

Overheating is usually a product of poor ventilation. Make sure that your PS5 is located in a cool, dry part of your home and that there’s enough space around its sides.

Also, avoid placing the PS5 near a direct or indirect heat source.

Power cycle your PS5.

Sometimes, all it takes to fix game crashes is to refresh the system cache. To do that, you need to reboot or power cycle the PS5 properly. Simply turn the system off normally first, then make sure to unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds. This should be enough time for the system to clear its memory and refresh the system cache.

Delete and reinstall the game.

If not one of the solutions in this guide has helped fix the game crashing issue on Spider-Man Miles Morales so far, you want to do a drastic move by deleting and reinstalling it.

Reinstallation is usually effective for this type of issue but should only be done after you’ve tried everything. 

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