Resolving Samsung Galaxy S5 Email Sync and Account Configuration Problems [Part 1]

It’s unthinkable for someone with a Samsung Galaxy S5 who does not use his or her email. From setting up a social network account to checking your bank account balance, having an email has almost become the norm. In fact, it can be safely said that the world today will be significantly different if email was never invented. With the popular rise of this great feature also comes problems. This post aims at resolving Samsung Galaxy S5 email sync and account configuration problems many of our readers are experiencing. We have compiled 7 problems in this post and we expect to publish more in the near future.


Unable to change the username when setting up an email account

Problem: I am trying to set up my work e-mail server, and the outgoing mail settings will not allow me to change my username. See screenshot… — Grant

Solution: Hi Grant. We checked the accompanying screenshot but could not quite get what is keeping you from changing the username. Kindly start over and see if that helps. If starting from scratch won’t fix the problem, the reason is most probably account-specific, which means that your service provider has probably nominated the username automatically for you based on your name or complete email address. In this case, there’s nothing more than you can do but call your provider for support.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 does not sync email accounts, Master Sync not working

Problem: Every phone I have had in the past automatically refreshes my email accounts. I’ve played with my Sprint S5 for a couple of months now and cannot get it to automatically refresh. I have to press the refresh button to get any emails. I have synced all my accounts but it says the master sync is turned off on each of the 3 accounts. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. — Andrew

Solution: Hi Andrew. If you have checked the sync status of each of your email accounts, kindly make sure that Master Sync is ON. This is the key in resolving email sync and account configuration problems majority of the time. Bear in mind that enabling Master Synchronization will allow other accounts in your phone to sync as well. This has good and bad repercussions. The good is that it will most probably resolve all your sync troubles across all your accounts. The bad is that it may drain your battery faster depending on the push settings of your apps and accounts. It may also give you more than your usual does of notifications, depending on how each app is supposed to notify you.

If you want to enable Master Sync, make sure that you revisit your Interruptions setup so you can pick which apps will be blasting you with notifications throughout the day.

How to turn on Master Sync in Samsung Galaxy S5

To enable Master Sync, just follow these simple steps:

  • Pull the status bar from the top of the screen down using your two fingers.
  • Look for the quick selection icon for SYNC.
  • Tap the Sync icon and make sure it’s enabled (indicated by green color).

Disable Power Saving Mode

Another feature you want to check is Power Saving Mode. If this feature is on, your accounts automatic sync option will be sacrificed in favor of giving you more battery life. This will effectively disable any sync options and other non-critical services so make sure to turn it off. By default, this feature is off but we don’t think it will hurt if you double-check it. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Power saving mode.
  • Uncheck the box for Power saving mode to disable it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “Not enough memory” error when trying to download emails

Galaxy S5. My email does/will not update. Says “Not enough memory” when phone indicates plenty of memory available. Any suggestions? Thanks for being there. — Kenneth

Solution: Hi Kenneth. This error message is displayed by an Android phone if it detects that there is not enough primary storage space to keep the emails. There are usually two storage devices in Android–the primary internal storage, and the secondary micro SD card. Because most email apps are designed to store email messages in an S5’s primary storage device only, make sure that it is not nearing its full capacity. These are the things that you can do to resolve this issue:

  • Try to uninstall apps stored in the internal memory to free more space.
  • Move photos, videos, etc to your SD card or to another device.
  • Remove content your have selected from Google Play meant for offline use like the ones found in Google Play Movies and TV app.

Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps getting email notification even if there’s none

Problem: Hello. I have a Galaxy S5 and it is saying I have a new email when I don’t. What can I do about this? The alerts are driving me crazy. Thanks. — Gabby

Solution: Hi Gabby. Two things to do here:

  1. Check your phone’s notification settings
  2. Check your email app notification settings

If the phone is running the latest Android Lollipop operating system, try to review what Interruptions scheme the phone is using. Under interruptions, you can choose to get only notifications from selected apps. You can opt to use Priority interruptions so the will be prevented from notifying you, especially about the non-existent email. To do this, please follow these:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Sound & Notification.
  • Tap Interruptions.

Alternatively, you can also check the notification settings of the email app you are using. If everything seems to be where they should be, try to clear the app’s cache and/or data. Deleting your email app’s data means you are erasing your messages, contacts, etc associated with this app so consider backing them up before proceeding.

Samsung Galaxy S5 unable to log back in to email accounts

Problem: Hi there. My name’s Jon. I woke up this morning to my phone going nuts. It has since logged me out of all of my email accounts and when I go to log in it says the server password has changed. But when I get on my laptop I can log into the accounts. Would you have any idea what has happened and how should I go about getting it straightened out? Your time is greatly appreciated. — Jon

Solution:  Hi Jon. We are not aware of any glitch affecting S5s to log out email accounts on their own so yours might be another odd occurrence. If you are unable to log back in to your email accounts, try clearing the email app’s cache and data. If you’ll have the same problem after you setup the accounts to the same app, boot up the phone in Safe Mode to see if a malware is behind this trouble.

Depending on the outcome, you may also want to erase everything off the phone and restore it to its factory defaults.

How to setup Interruptions so email notifications come through

Problem: Hello. I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S5, for the life of me I cannot get the phone to notify me when an email comes through when the phone is idle. I have set my synchronize and have checked the notification box. I had a Galaxy Blaze before this and had no problems with it notifying me. Can you help?

Thank you for your time. — Terry

Solution: Hi Terry. Make sure that Priority interruptions for Messages is enabled. Steps on how to go to Interruptions menu are provided above. You may have to invest some time trying to configure a personalized Interruption scheme that works best for you but this is the only way.

Samsung Galaxy S5 email won’t open and deletes them right away

Problem: When I try to open my email it won’t open and completely deletes them. — Istalzer

Solution: Hi Istalzer. Please inform your email service provider about the problem as we may be looking at an account-specific issue here. You can also check your email app and account settings if there are any special forwarding options you may have selected prior to noticing this problem.

Thankful Samsung Galaxy S5 user

I just wanted to say thank you. I was having the email problem with my Galaxy S5, so I googled and found your website. I followed  the directions and it worked! Thank you for being a genius! — Jody 

Hi Jody! We always welcome positive feedback from our readers. Thank you for your time and effort to letting us know that you have successfully resolve the problem by following our instructions. Keep watching for more helpful posts looking forward at resolving Samsung Galaxy S5 email sync and account configuration problems!



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