Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Email Problems [Part 1]

S6 Edge email part 1

Been looking for answers to your S6 Edge email troubles? You’ve come to the right spot!

Welcome to our first Galaxy S6 email solutions page! There are 8 cases covered in this article that may help you with your own problem. If you cannot find anything similar, don’t hesitate to contact us via the link provided at the bottom of this page.


Problem #1: Copies of email received in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge disappear after checking same email account in Outlook

I just got a new S6 and use an Optonline email account. During the day I do not leave my email open on my laptop at home. I receive all my emails on my phone. When I get home I open my Outlook and have all my emails delivered. When this occurs all my emails that I received on my phone during the day disappear. NUTs! Can you help? Thanks! — Jeff

Solution: Hi Jeff. The issue may stem from your choice of your email delivery type (POP3, IMAP, Exchange) when setting up your email account. Try to recreate your account and use IMAP instead of POP3 to resolve the problem.

Problem #2: Deleted and read emails keep on coming back to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

I have the new phone and old emails keep popping up. I have archived my emails on my computer, but this continues to happen. I am getting emails that I have already read and/or deleted.  — Susan

Solution: Hi Susan. To resolve this issue, make sure that “Delete email from server” option has been selected in the email app you are using. To do this, you can either recreate your email account in the app or go under your email settings and look for such option. Here are the steps to recreate the account.

How to enable “Delete from server” option in stock email app of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Open email app.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the password for the your account.
  • Select server type by tapping POP3 Account.
  • Enter the username.
  • Enter your incoming mail server. Contact your email service provider if you don’t have this information handy.
  • Tap Security type dropdown then tap None.
  • Enter incoming port. Contact your email service provider if you don’t have this information handy.
  • Tap the dropdown list that says Delete email from server.
  • Select your desired option the tap Next.
  • Enter your outgoing mail server. Contact your email service provider if you don’t have this information handy.
  • Tap Security type dropdown then tap None.
  • Enter incoming port. Contact your email service provider if you don’t have this information handy.
  • Tap Require sign-in then Next.
  • Select your preferred Sync schedule.
  • Select your notification preference.
  • Tap Next.
  • Enter your desired account name.
  • Enter sender’s name.
  • Tap Done to finish the set-up.

If you are using a third party email app, the sequence of steps may vary slightly but should still give you a similar option whether or not you want to delete a copy of your email from the server.

Problem #3: Missing option to delete emails in trash folder in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Greetings. Will the option for selecting all email that are in the “trash” folder to be deleted be re-instated as it was on the previous versions of the Galaxy Phones? That option was present on the S3 and is now not available on the S6. Very disappointed that it has disappeared.  FYI, the email accounts are POP3.

Thanks. — Kevin

Solution: Hi Kevin. Android Lollipop has brought a lot of changes to how we interact with apps and smartphones. Some of these changes may or may not please everyone. We’re sorry to hear about your disappointment with the missing option but there’s just nothing that we can do to change that at this point. We haven’t heard of any announcements from Google about plans to change how the stock email app of Android will work so in the near future so you may be stuck with what you have right now. You may want to consider using third party email apps instead.

Problem #4: Exchange email stops working after updating Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to Android Lollipop

I am a Sprint customer and ran the 5.1.1 update last night. After the update my exchange email stopped working. It would no longer sync. The application itself crashes and says “unfortunately, email sync has stopped working” and closes. In between closing I managed to remove the account and re-add it with no luck.  I cleared the cache as suggested online, no luck. I added my Gmail account to the app and received an error that the Google server is not responding.  Any suggestions? — Elizabeth

Solution: Hi Elizabeth. We suggest that you do another round of clearing the phone’s partition and/or doing a factory reset before adding your email accounts again. You may want to check this article on why Android Lollipop causes problems. We’re confident that you will regain the normal functions of your phone after you follow our suggestions in that post.

Problem #5: Difference between IMAP and POP3, Emails in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge disappear

So i set up my regular email like i did with my S5 with the email app. standard stuff. works. i get emails. i delete the ones i don’t need. junk mail etc. i go back an hour later, i have new emails. and anything i left in my inbox is gone.  and it ways you may have emails that have not yet been retrieved from the server. with my S5 i could say hey, i want to see 50 emails or 100.  and i could flag any emails and they would still be there when I opened my email again. where did they go. i try refreshing…nothing unless it’s a new incoming email. what am i doing wrong here? there’s no settings to change. or if you want things deleted forever from your server options like the S5 did. sadly this is how i get all my regular emails. all my bills go to that email.  — Antoinette

Solution: Hi Antoinette. Do you use another device to check your email like a computer, another smartphone, or tablet? If you are, kindly add your email to your S6 again and make sure to select IMAP as the server type. This type of delivery protocol is recommended if you want to check your emails on the go because it retains a copy of your email in the server as well as to other devices you’re using. This is its main difference over POP3, which only stores an email locally. POP3 is more preferable if you only have a single device for checking your emails as they are stored in the memory unit all the time. You don’t need an internet connection to fetch both old and new emails again like in IMAP. While IMAP creates clones of your emails somewhere for back up purposes, messages stored in your phones may sometimes disappear from your folders (like inbox) after a certain period.

If you use a third party app, try to play around with its settings to achieve what you want.

Problem #6: Gmail notifications are not showing in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge edge screen

I have an S6 Edge and I have found that email notifications for Gmail accounts are not shown on the people edge of the phone. Gmail accounts use the Gmail app, whereas most other email accounts, like Yahoo mail, are managed by the built-in email app. The email accounts using the built-in email app are showing notifications on the edge screen.

Is there a way to force the Gmail accounts to show notifications on the Edge screen?

Thank you! — Ron

Solution: Hi Ron. You can actually add your Gmail to your S6 stock email app (built-in app) just like any other account. You’re right. It looks like Google or Samsung may have decided to show email notifications for Gmail in the status bar instead of in the edge like the other accounts. We cannot change how things work right now so you might just as well use the stock email app.

Problem #7: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not automatically sync emails when connected to mobile data

Hello. I purchased the S6 Edge about a week and a half ago. It’s running Lollipop 5.0.2. For some reason I cannot get my email to sync via data. I’ve tried clearing all caches etc and I’ve even tried using Gmail, Type Mail, and Cloud Magic and I’ve had the same problem across all apps.

I can go to work and receive no email notifications all day but the moment I walk through the door to my house and the phone connects to Wi-Fi, I get the notifications for 7 emails.

If I open the email app it syncs and downloads the messages via data, but I’d like to get the notifications when I receive them without needing to open the app. I’ve checked that it’s set to push as well (I’ve even tried fetch every hour and still did not receive any notifications).

Any help is definitely appreciated. Thank you! — Thomas

Solution: Hi Thomas. You can do the following:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Data Usage.
  • Tap Menu icon.
  • Put a check mark on Auto Sync Data option.

Problem #8: Earthlink email randomly opens email, keeps getting spam

Hi Droid Guy!

My S6 has, among other things, two issues that drive me crazy:

The default screen timeout is 1 minute of inactivity. I change it to 10 minutes because I use my phone in the grocery store. But every day or two it sets itself back to 1 minute. How can I stop this?

The other problem is with my email. When I click on my Earthlink email the phone automatically opens a random email instead of going to the home page.  The problem is that occasionally I get a spam email and the phone may select it randomly to open. This tells the spammers/phishers, etc.  that it’s a valid address and little by little I’m getting more spam every day

Please help, as I’m starting to really hate this phone. Thanks! — Pat

Solution: Hi Pat. Phone feature-related issues like the screen timeout problem that you have may be due to a firmware glitch or third party apps. Try to power the phone up in diagnostic mode (safe mode) then observe what happens. If a third party app is to blame, the issue will go away while in safe mode. If it doesn’t, an unusual Android bug may be the culprit. A factory reset may be needed to eliminate the said bug.

Now, to your email concern. Are you using a mobile browser to check your Earthlink email? If yes, make sure to clear the app’s cache and data and log back in.

We are not aware of any Android Earthlink email app but if you are using such, clearing the app’s cache and data should be done first. After that, add your email account again.


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