How To Fix PS4 SU-30696-4 Error Code| NEW & Updated in 2024

Are you getting the error code SU-30696-4 on your PS4 when trying to install a system update? Error SU-30696-4 is usually accompanied by the message “Failed to update the System Software. The update file may be corrupted.”

In this guide, we’ll explain to you what this error means and how to fix it.

What does error SU-30696-4 mean?

SU-30696-4 is a PS4 error that indicates the console has failed to install a system software update. This error may also show when there’s an on-going PSN server issue when you’re in the middle of downloading a system update file. 

SU-30696-4 PS4 error is just one of several other similar other errors that many PS4 users encounter from time to time.

Causes of PS4 error code SU-30696-4

If you are having trouble with your system software update and getting the SU-30696-4 error code every time, it may be caused by one of the following:

Server-related issue.

Many PlayStation users may not realize this but sometimes, the main reason why their console fails to install a system software update is not because of fault in their system but due to issues from Sony’s side. Like game servers, PSN servers may sometimes go down unexpectedly, which may not only lead to issues with some games but also when consoles try to down an update file.

If you are getting the SU-30696-4 error code during an update, it may be caused by an outage server or maintenance.

Internet connection problem.

For some people the main reason for their problem may be their own internet connection. If your PlayStation 4 is having a problem downloading the system software update file via the internet, you may have to try to update it manually. This means using a USB storage device like an external hard drive or a USB stick.

Random software glitch.

Error code SU-30696-4 may show up randomly in some consoles even though there are no issues with the software or with your internet connection at home. This can mean that the PlayStation 4 console may have developed a software glitch. At times, this issue is fixed by simply rebooting the console but if nothing changes after a restart, you may have to do more advanced troubleshooting, like rebuilding the database, or a factory reset.

Corrupted software.

Like random software glitch or bug, more serious software issues may require drastic solutions like a factory reset, PS4 database rebuild, or even a hard drive swap. These are the options that you must do if you can’t successfully a system software update using a USB storage device.


How to fix PS4 SU-30696-4 error?

SU-30696-4 error code is typically easy to fix and does not require advanced solutions. However, just in case you’ll have trouble fixing your own PlayStation 4 and it always failed to update no matter how many attempts have been done, we also provide the other drastic solutions below.

Fix #1: Reboot your PlayStation 4.

Refreshing the system is usually enough for many PS4 users who encounter the SU-30696-4 error code. Just turn the console off normally and unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds. This should allow the system to refresh and hopefully unclog whatever bug is affecting the system update.

Fix #2: Update the system software via Safe Mode.

Error code SU-30696-4 may be fixed by updating your PS4 console via Safe Mode. Once you’ve successfully booted the console to Safe Mode, just select Option 3 [Update System Software].

Fix #4: Try updating the system software manually with USB storage device.

If your PS4 console still failed to update, you may be able to make it work this time by doing it manually. 

Learn how to do an Offline or Manualy Update.

Fix #5: Rebuild PS4 Database.

Sometimes, a PS4 error may be triggered if file organization in your PS4 is damaged. To fix the problem, consider rebuilding the console’s database.

Fix #6: Factory reset.

For a few people, software update issues may lead them to wipe their console’s hard disk drive with a factory reset. If nothing has worked so far, you can try a factory reset before attempting to update the system software again.

Fix #7: Replace the hard drive.

I haven’t personally heard of this particular PS4 error as a result of bad hard drive but if a factory reset has not helped at all, there may be something deeper that blocks a new system software version from being installed. 

In some extreme cases, this may be due to a bad hard drive although I highly recommend that you check for other tell-tale signs of a hard drive problem. If your PS4 has other issues such as overall slow performance, frequent crashing issues, or severe lag even when you’re just navigating the menus, these may be signs of a bad hard drive. 

In this case,consider replacing the original HDD with a new one.


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