How To Rebuild PS4 Database | Easy And Update Steps in 2024

One of the important things that you as a PS4 user must know is on how to rebuild your PS4 database. If it’s been a while since you tried doing it, or if you haven’t heard of this process at all, then this article should give some basic tips.

In order to rebuild your PS4 database, you must first boot your console to safe mode. 

What is PS4 database?

Like any computer or gaming console, your PS4 has an organized collection of files, folders, and other types of information called database in order to work. Sometimes, this database may become corrupted or disorganized causing issues such as slow performance, crashing, long load times, or even connectivity issues. 

What happens when your PS4 database is corrupted?

Below are some of the common signs if you are experiencing database issues with your PlayStation 4:

  • CE-34054-6 error keeps popping up
  • unresponsive console
  • delay or lag when navigating the Home screen or menus
  • PS4 won’t read discs
  • abnormally slow loading times
  • Frame rate drops

Why does your PS4 database become cluttered or corrupted?

There can be several known reasons why you may encounter problems with your PS4 database. 

Failed system update.

By far, file or database corruption is due to unfinished or interrupted system updates. If your PS4 was restarted or powered off while it was trying to install a system update, it can lead to the database becoming damaged. It’s not uncommon to hear of PS4 CE-34054-6 error after a failed system update.

Broken hard drive.

Another reason why you may need to rebuild your PS4 database is if you have a malfunctioning hard drive. We’ve been getting reports about Day 1 PS4 consoles with bad hard drives at this time as mechanical drives may fail over time. 

Random software glitch.

For others, the main reason for their PlayStation 4 database issues may be related to their software encountering random bugs. 

Other less common reasons.

Other rare reasons for PS4 database corruption includes the following:

  • Hard drive fragmentation
  • File header corruption
  • Driver issues
  • Random network bugs
  • Hardware malfunction

What does rebuilding your PS4 database do?

Rebuilding your PS4 database is one of the options that you’ll find when you boot your console to Safe Mode menu. What this option does is to attempt to reorganize your files, folders, or data so the Operating System can efficiently process information as designed.

In other words, the rebuild PS4 database option is not only a troubleshooting step but can also be a solution that you can do if you are experiencing any of the signs of possible database corruption issues.

Is rebuilding your PS4 database safe?

The rebuild database option is safe and won’t result to any data loss. The entire process merely reorganizes things so everything are back to their correct order or structure. The system will simply clean up the software environment by placing everything back to their designed locations as well as delete corrupted files that the OS don’t need. 

If you’re worried about losing something though, consider creating a backup of your important data to a USB drive or external hard drive before performing the process.

How long does it take to rebuild your PS4 database?

Depending on the size of your hard drive, the amount of data that the system has to work with, and the state of the hardware, rebuilding the database may take a few minutes to hours. Since the cleanup varies from system to system, there’s no way of knowing exactly when your PS4 can finish rebuilding the database at all. All you need to do, once you’ve initiated the process, is to wait and to make sure that the console is not interrupted.

How to rebuild your PS4 database (easy and updated steps)

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 5 minutes

It’s really simple and easy to rebuild your PS4 database. If you haven’t tried doing this before, follow the steps below on how to boot to safe mode menu:

  1. Turn off the PS4.

    To do this, press and hold the Power button for about 3 seconds. The LED light on the console will blink before the PlayStation 4 shuts down.PS4 Power button

  2. Once the console has powered down, press and hold the Power button in front again.

    Make sure to hold the Power button for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps–the first beep should occur after you press the button and second after 7 seconds. ps4 power button

  3. After the second beep, release the Power button.

    You are now on Safe Mode menu.ps4 power button

  4. Connect the Dualshock 4 controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

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  5. Select Option 5 [Rebuild Database].

    Scroll down and select Rebuild Database option.Safe mode Update System software 1

  6. Press the X button to start the rebuild.

    You only have to press it once. ps4 x button

  7. Wait for the process to finish.

    It might take a minute or two. ps4 screenshot

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