How To Do An Offline Update On Your PS4 | USB Manual Update

Knowing how to perform an offline update on your PS4 can come handy if you encounter errors when updating the console online. It can also keep the system up-to-date if you don’t get to connect it to the internet all the time.

When updating your PS4 offline, you want to make sure that you only get necessary files from website. The download link in this guide should redirect you to the official site for the update data. Getting update files from third party sources may compromise your PS4’s security and can potentially cause problems as well. 

Just like when doing a direct update online, your PS4 may be damaged if the update is interrupted if you turn it off. Make sure that the PS4 complete the update process. 

Lastly, you will be prevented from using application on your PS4 while you are updating.

How to install an offline update to your PS4

Time Needed : 10 minutes

There are 3 general steps that you must do to perform an offline update on your PS4.

  1. Prepare the things you need.

    There are a few requirements that must be met in order to do an offline update successfully.-an internet-connected computer and-external hard drive or USB flash drive.Internet-connected computer.You need a computer with internet connection to visit the official PlayStation page in order to get the update files. External hard drive or USB flash drive.The other important stuff that you must have is a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to store the update files. This storage device must have at least 460 MB of free space.PS4 hard drive 1

  2. Download the update files.

    Once you’ve got your PC and USB flash drive or external hard drive all set up, you can start downloading the update files. First, you need to make sure that you create a special folder in your USB flash drive or external drive called “UPDATE.”Then, open your web browser and download the update files. You will need to agree to the terms first.Finally, make sure to save your file in the “UPDATE” folder as “PS4UPDATE.PUP“.update files

  3. Install the update files to your PS4.

    Now that you have the update files downloaded and saved, you can begin the offline update on your PS4.-Turn on your PS4.-Connect the USB flash drive or external hard drive to your PS4 USB port.-From the Home screen, select Settings.-Select System Software Update. -Follow the on-screens instructions to complete the update.pS4 update 2

Congratulations! You now have successfully done an offline update on your PS4. Keep in mind that the best option to update your PS4 is by connecting it directly to the internet. Sometimes, offline updates may become more complicated especially if you encounter an error when downloading the files.

If you get the “SU-41350-3 – Cannot find the update file” error when downloading the update files, it means that your computer has detected multiple downloads of the same file in your download folder. You simply have to look for these older versions and delete all of them. Then, redownload the update data and make sure that it’s renamed to PS4UPDATE.PUP.

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