Galaxy S11 could see a new camera overhaul

It might be a bit early to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S11, but a new rumor suggests that it could get an overhaul in the area of the camera.

Twitter user Ice Universe, an account that regularly posts leaks, is saying that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will be the last Samsung flagship to use the 1/2.55-inch 1.4um CMOS setup. Samsung will be using a larger pixel size CMOS by the time the Galaxy S11 launches, the account says.

Ultimately, this means better pictures in the Galaxy S11. Does that mean you should wait for the new phone? Not necessarily — the Samsung Galaxy S10 still comes with a great camera setup, and the Galaxy Note 10 will likely have a similar detailed setup.

That said, if we’re really thinking about it, the new CMOS setup will likely be a pretty incremental camera change. It’ll certainly make some nice changes we’re certain, but cameras today are already extremely detailed.

So, stop torturing yourself, and get yourself a new Galaxy S10 — or wait for the Note 10, which is due in just a couple months. If we’re always waiting for the latest and greatest, no one would be buying phones!

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source: Ice Universe (Twitter)

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