How to fix Huawei P20 Pro No Service error

Hello Android fans! Today’s post is about a Huawei P20 Pro having No Service error. The problem is not as common like in Samsung Galaxy devices but there’s still a number of  Huawei P20 Pro encountering it from time to time. If you’re one of them, find out the steps to fix it below.

Problem: Huawei P20 Pro No Service error

Hi guys. My phone was working absolutely fine yesterday, and as I’m travelling I bought a local SIM card and inserted it into the tray and activated it. I then turned the phone off and on again. 10 minutes later, (it read the SIM correctly) I got the No Service bug. Every time I reboot the phone, it detects the SIM for 10 to 20 minutes then No Service. I have tried using my original SIM and the same error occurs . Please could you advise? I don’t know what else to do!! Thanks.

Solution: The No Service bug on any smartphone can either be caused by a problem with the phone itself, or by a problem on the network side. To know where the problem lies, there’s a number of troubleshooting step that you must follow.

Solution 1: Force restart

The No Service error on your Huawei P20 Pro may be caused by a temporary bug so the first troubleshooting step that you must do is to force restart it. This will force the device to refresh itself. In this particular case, you want to simulate the effects of a “battery pull.” Your Huawei P20 Pro does not have a removable battery pack so to force it to restart, just hold down the power button until the screen goes black. If there’s a temporary bug that that causes No Service bug, this might help. Otherwise, proceed to the next suggestion below.

Solution 2: Cache partition wipe

Wiping the cache partition is may help in this case. Sometimes, the system cache may get corrupted after an update or for some other reasons. To keep the system cache in top shape, you can periodically delete the current cache. Your device will rebuild this cache overtime so you don’t have to worry losing important data. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. With your phone turned off, press and hold both the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Let go of the buttons when the Honor logo appears.
  4. Shortly after seeing the logo, the EMUI screen shows up with the recovery mode options.
  5. Press the Volume Down button to scroll to and highlight Wipe cache partition option.
  6. Then press the Power button to confirm selection.
  7. Use the Volume buttons to scroll to and highlight the next options and Power button to confirm selection.

Solution 3: Reset network settings

Should wiping of cache partition won’t help, the next troubleshooting step is to clear the current network setup. Doing so will delete the latest network configuration. Hopefully, this will allow the new setup to stick for good. To reset the network settings:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Advanced settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap Backup & reset.
  4. Select Network Settings Reset from the given options.
  5. If prompted, read the warning message and then tap Network Settings Reset twice to confirm.

Solution 4: Reseat the SIM

One of the basic things to check for this problem is the Message Center Number. If information about this number is incorrect, your device may still be able to receive texts but unable to send one. Re-inserting the SIM card on your Huawei P20 Pro should ensure that the MCN is correct. Before you take out and insert the SIM, be sure that it is OFF.

Solution 5: Use another SIM card

If you have another compatible SIM card from the same carrier, we suggest that you use that and see how your Huawei P20 Pro works with it. Make sure to observe this setup for at least an hour. If everything works throughout that period, then that’s a SIM card issue. If the same problem happens, continue troubleshooting the device.

Solution 6: Install updates

Some network problems can only be fixed by installing new Operating System or modem updates. Make sure that your device runs the latest OS version. Known network bugs are fixed by updating both the firmware (OS) or the modem firmware (baseband) from time to time. To check if there’s any updates available for your device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap System.
  3. Select System Update.
  4. Tap the option to Check for Updates.

To check for any pending app updates you’ve downloaded through the Google Play Store app, launch Play Store then navigate to the Updates section. You will then see a list of apps with pending updates. Just tap on Update to install individual app updates or tap Update All to update apps simultaneously.

Don’t forget to reboot/soft reset your P20 after installing updates to ensure all new software changes are properly implemented and to prevent any app from going rogue.

Solution 7: Change the SIM card

Replacing the SIM card is a necessity should you discover in the previous troubleshooting above that there’s no device problem at all. Although it does not have a moving part, a SIM card may become a problem if its data is corrupted, or if it’s physically damaged. In some cases, network-related problems may affect some accounts tied to particular SIM cards as well.

Solution 8: Factory reset your your Huawei P20 Pro

To resolve any unknown phone bug that prevents sending of texts, you want to factory reset your device. Be sure to back all personal data ahead of time.

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Then turn the phone while holding down the following key combination: Power Button Volume Up Button
  3. Hold down the buttons until the Huawei logo disappears from the display and the screen turns black.
  4. You can now release the buttons.
  5. This will now display the boot menu after a moment.
  6. Go to the entry “Wipe Cache Factory Reset ” with the volume keys then select it using the power key
  7. Reboot the phone once the process has completed

Solution 9: Contact your network operator

If none of the solutions above work at all, you need to get help from your carrier. Make sure to mention all the solutions you’ve tried so they won’t ask you to do them again. Some connection problems are due to network outages or glitches on the firmware side. If there are many users having the same problem, your network operator should already be working on a fix by now. If the issue is recent, telling them about it should prompt them to create a ticket and monitor the situation.

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