How To Fix Dota 2 Crashing While In A Match

Is your Dota 2 game crashing or freezing in main menu or in the middle of the game? Dota 2 gamers encounter issues from time to time and crashing problems is one of them. The good news is, this issue is usually fixed easily by updating or verifying the game files. If these two won’t work, this guide will also show you some other potential solutions to try.

What are the common causes of Dota 2 crashing or freezing issues

There a number of possible reasons why Dota 2 may be crashing or freezing. Let’s check each of these causes below.

Random Steam or Dota 2 client bug.

If your Dota 2 game crashes infrequently, it’s possible that the cause of the problem may be minor or temporary. Steam client and its games may sometimes develop glitches. These types of bugs are easily fixed though by doing simple troubleshooting such as a computer reboot or Steam or game client reboot.

Software or drivers issues.

In some cases, the unique condition of your PC’s software may be the reason for a game glitch. Outdated, old, or pirated Windows software may sometimes lead to conflicts with some games. Make sure that your computer’s software environment runs the latest version to avoid bugs. You also want to keep your drivers, particularly that of the GPU, up-to-date. Outdated graphics card drivers may lead to various types of issues ranging from crashes, FPS drop, to failure to launch.

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Other applications can also interfere with other programs or games. If Dota 2 crashing issue started after you’ve installed a new app, consider removing the new program to see if that is the cause. 

Programs that can manipulate games such as ArtMoney, Cheat Engine, and other similar applications may cause Steam issues. If you have one running right now, try to turn it off or delete it completely and see if that will help.

Corrupted game files.

A huge number of Dota 2 problems are due to issues with its game files. To ensure that your Dota 2 client runs a clean version, you can try to verify the integrity of the game files or re-install the game.

Hardware problem.

In other rare cases, a Steam game may encounter a problem because of a hardware fault. If you suspect that your computer may have a hardware error, note of the signs that you experience first. For instance, if you experience slow performance issues with your games, it’s possible that the system may be running with an insufficient memory, GPU issues, or other CPU-related troubles. 

Hardware troubleshooting is an entirely different topic itself and requires a thorough analysis of the problem.

Solutions to Dota 2 crashing after loading or while in a match

If you are only having a crashing issue when playing Dota 2, while the rest of the games are fine, check out the possible solutions that you can try below.

  1. Relaunch Steam and Dota 2 client.

    Close Dota 2 game and log out of your Steam account. Then, close the Steam client using Task Manager (press CTRL+ALD+DEL). Once Steam has closed, restart your PC.
    After your computer has restarted, open Steam again, log back in to your account, and see if Dota 2 is now working.logout

  2. Check for errors.

    Does your Dota 2 client crashes with an error message? Sometimes, issues with Steam or with Dota 2 servers may cause crashes. If there’s a specific error that shows up during or after crashing, try doing a quick Google search about that error to see if it’s a server problem. You can also refer to Steam support site for a particular error.

  3. Update software and drivers.

    You must ensure that your computer’s software is always updated. This is one of the easiest ways to minimize problems. 
    The same should be done to your graphics cards. Even if your graphics card meets the minimum requirements or exceed them, it regularly needs updating to keep bugs away.
    Check out the links below to update your GPU drivers.
    Nvidia –
    AMD –

  4. Verify Dota 2 game files.

    This is one of the effective solutions for Dota 2 crashing issues so far. Learn how to do this solution by following this article.Verify game files

  5. Redownload Dota 2 files.

    If your Dota 2 game continues to crash, it’s possible that its game files may be corrupt. You can reacquire all Dota 2 game files to fix the issue. Here’s how:
    -Turn off Steam entirely.
    -Browse to your Steam installation (Usually C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\)
    -Rename the “steamapps” folder to “old_steamapps”
    -Re-launch Steam and re-install the game.
    -Once the installation is complete, test the issue.
    -If this resolves the issue, you may copy the new files into the “old_steamapps” folder and rename it to “steamapps” to restore your other games without re-downloading.
    -If the issue is not resolved, you can rename the folder back to avoid having to re-install other games.steamapps

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