How To Fix COD Vanguard Dev Error 6068 | Easy Solutions in 2024

While Call Of Duty Vanguard is generally stable for most people, the game is not perfect and, in fact, ships with a lot of bugs and glitches that are yet to be addressed. Majority of the issues are fixable by updates but other serious ones require user intervention and drastic system changes. Issues like DirectX errors, unrecoverable error, and dev errors are some of the difficult problems that affect a significant number of people.  In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix dev error 6068 in COD Vanguard.

What is COD Vanguard Dev Error 6068?

One of the common error codes that many COD Vanguard players have experienced is the 6068 Dev Error. It’s an error that follows after the game has crashed. 

Dev error 6068 is caused by a number of things including, but not limited to, random bugs/glitch, hardware malfunction, software issues, outdated drivers, damaged game files,  or interference from other programs.

How to fix Call Of Duty Vanguard Dev error 6068?

If your  Call of Duty Vanguard game is crashing and showing the dev error code 6068, these are the solutions that you can try:

Fix #1: Restart and update the game.

Random and minor crashes can sometimes be fixed by refreshing the game. If you’ve been running COD Vanguard for some time, try closing it now and launch it again afterwards.

Once the game has been launched, make sure to install any new update that might become available before playing again.

Fix #2: Run the game on DirectX 11.

Some players have shared their experience of fixing dev error 6068 in their Call of Duty game (Modern Warfare, Warzone, Black Ops Cold  War and Vanguard) by simply switching to DirectX 11. By default, COD Vanguard will use DirectX 12 on your PC so you can try to see if abandoning it will help in fixing the issue.

In order to use DirectX 11, follow these steps:

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  1. Open the Battle.Net app.
  2. In your Games Library, make sure that Call of Duty Vanguard is selected then click the gear icon to open the Options Menu.
  3. Select Game Settings.
  4. Check the box beside Additional Command Line Arguments.
  5. Type in -d3d11  in the box.
  6. Click Done and play the game.

Fix #3: Don’t overclock.

If you’re overclocking your CPU at this time, another simple solution that might help you fix the dev error 6068 in Call of Duty Vanguard is to revert the CPU clock to its normal speed.

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Overclocking can sometimes cause bugs in a system which may then lead to crashes and certain errors.

Fix #4: Use Scan and Repair.

For some people, the main reason for the dev error 6068 on their system is due to corrupted game files. Try using the built-in Scan and Repair option in the game launcher to see if that will help.

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  1. Launch the client on your computer.
  2. Select the COD Vanguard game icon
  3. Click Options next.
  4. Select Scan and Repair from the options. 
  5. Click Begin Scan. Wait for a few minutes until the tool completes the scanning and repairing of files process. 
  6. Access the game to check if the problem has been resolved.

Fix #5: Manually delete the game files.

If Scan and Repair did not help and COD Vanguard continues to crash and then show the dev error 6068, you can also try to delete the game files manually in order to force the game to update itself again.

To do that, here’s what you need to do:

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  1. Close Call of Duty Vanguard game if you’re running it.
  2. Go to your main Call of Duty Vanguard installation folder. The default is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Vanguard but it can be different if you have a different installation path.
  3. Once you’ve found the Call of Duty Vanguard folder, open it.
  4. Delete all files within the folder except Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main.
  5. Restart the game by launching it from a client.
  6. Once you get the error saying that the game is corrupt, proceed with the update option.

Fix #6:  Run the game on lower FPS.

Lowering the Frames Per Second (FPS) of a fast action game like COD  Vanguard is hardly a solution but if you are desperate for a fix for Dev Error 6068, this is worth trying. It’s possible that your machine may be unable to handle the current FPS settings. 

Try lowering the FPS of the game by doing the following steps:

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  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. Select Manage 3D Settings. 
  3. Go to Program Settings.
  4. Select the game from the list and set Vertical Sync to Adaptive Half Refresh Rate.
  5. Make sure to confirm the changes and restart the game.
  6. You can also disable the Nvidia overlay or Geforce experience if possible.

Fix #7: Close other applications.

If you’re using other applications while COD Vanguard is playing, consider closing them to check if any of them is causing an interference. Some third party software may cause a glitch that may only be experienced by a certain PC. 

For example, if you’re running any overlay like Discord, Spotify, NVIDIA, MSI Afterburner, or any similar software, close them using the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and relaunch the game. 

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Other players have also discovered that disabling Xbox Game Bar helps in fixing dev error 6068. If you need help in tweaking the Xbox Game Bar, refer to this website.

Fix #8: Change the graphics and game settings.

If you continue to experience the dev error 6068 at this point, consider changing the graphics settings of the game. 

For instance, you can disable ray tracing in your graphics card settings, or simply use the lowest Graphics Quality in the game.


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