How To Fix COD Vanguard High Ping Or Latency Issue

If you enjoy playing a shooter game like the COD Vanguard, nothing irritates you more than high latency or high ping situations. Even a split-second stuttering or lag can seriously make the game unplayable as battles are usually decided in moments.

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll  show you the solutions that you can try if you keep on getting a high latency error when playing Call Of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer.

How to fix COD Vanguard High Ping Or Latency issue?

If you’re only experiencing lag or stuttering in Call Of Duty Vanguard when playing the Multiplayer or Zombies modes, it’s likely due to high latency or unacceptable ping.

Most of the time, the causes of COD Vanguard high latency or ping are varied. For some people, it may be an issue with their poor internet connection. For others, it may be due to their game settings.

To fix lag or Call Of Duty Vanguard high latency, here are the solutions that you can do:

Fix #1: Restart the game.

This classic troubleshooting must be done first before you go into the rest of the solutions in this guide. 


As simple as it is, it can be an effective means to clear minor network bugs. Just close the game normally and launch it afterwards.

Fix #2: Turn off On-Demand Texture Streaming option.

On-Demand Texture Streaming is a feature in COD Vanguard that lets the  game stream color palettes during gameplay to enhance the graphics quality.

You can disable On-Demand Texture Streaming to see if that will fix the problem for you. To do that, simply find the option under Settings  > Graphics.

Fix #3: Check the COD Vanguard server status.

Server troubles can also be the reason for your Call Of Duty Vanguard high latency problem. 

You can use the official Activision website  to know the status of the servers at this time.

Fix #4: Run an internet connection speed test.

When it comes to playing online a  fast-paced shooter like COD Vanguard, you want to make sure that your internet connection is reliable and fast. You want to  ensure that you have a minimum of 15 Mbps of download and upload  when playing.

Try running a speed test on your PC or console to see if you have the  right internet speed.

If you need further help in troubleshooting a  slow network or connection, we suggest that you talk to your Internet Service Provider.

Fix #5: Power cycle your modem or router.

Having a good-working network equipment is as important as making sure that your PC or console is getting the right connection speed. 

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Make sure that you reboot your modem or router before playing a multiplayer match again.

Fix #6: Disconnect other devices from the network.

If there are multiple devices using your internet connection at the same time that you’re playing, the reason for the high latency may be low bandwidth. 

Try to disconnect other devices, especially those that use bandwidth intensive activities such as a TV streaming Netflix, a PC downloading huge files, or another console streaming a game.

Fix #7: Eliminate high latency by using a wired connection.

Some players fix high latency on COD Vanguard by swapping their internet connection from wifi to a wired setup. 

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If you rely on wifi for your internet needs on your PC or router, now is the right time to use a wired ethernet connection.

Fix #8: Try playing COD Vanguard during different time of the day.

If you noticed that the game seems to only stutter, lag, or show a high latency error during a particular time of day or night, it  may be caused by server congestion or high load traffic in your network. 

Try to see if the problem goes  away when you play during off-peak hours or days. Evenings and weekends usually see high number of players playing so try to avoid them if possible.


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