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5 Best Conference Call Speakerphones for Skype in 2020

Board meetings and other official work sometimes require conference calling. While there are a bunch of networking companies that offer a complete setup, they come with a steep price tag. Keeping this in mind, it sometimes makes sense to get individual speakerphones meant specifically for a particular kind of conference call. Let’s say you have

7 Best Chevy Bolt Chargers in 2020

Car chargers are available in abundance today, making it one of the most widely used accessories in the U.S. Although we don’t see many electric cars around us, the trend is quickly changing, especially with the emergence of Tesla. Keeping this in mind, it can help to know about all the third party car chargers

7 Best Free Budget Apps for Android in 2020

Android is a pretty versatile platform and is home to nearly 3 million applications, ranging from games to productivity, the best budget app for android, and some simply bizarre apps. Given the fact that there’s pretty much anything you can get on the Play Store, it can get pretty difficult to get the best apps

5 Best Tablets for College Students in 2020

Tablets are no longer a luxury afforded to the students. It is something that’s become a vital part of the education system, especially given the dependence on ebooks instead of standard books and textbooks. As such, students must have a tablet for themselves to make their lives relatively easier. But given the versatility of the

7 Best Phone Insurance Plans in 2020

Given the kind of money that we spend on smartphones today, they’re pretty much like assets. Keeping this in mind, it becomes doubly important to cover them with insurance to protect us from shelling out a lot of money on repairs or replacements in the future. This is where phone insurance plans come into the picture,

6 Best Smart Ceiling Fans in 2020

Ceiling fans are not quite in use in modern homes but are a requirement when central heating/cooling doesn’t quite cut it. Before air conditioners and central heating made their way to homes, ceiling and table fans were the only respite to beat the heat on a hot summer’s day. Keeping this in mind, a ceiling

5 Best Portable Photo Printers In 2020

Printers are generally pretty stationary because of their weight, which can be a real downer when you’re on the go and need to have something printed. This means you either have to run back home, to the office, or somewhere who will overcharge you for printing services. Luckily for you, you can skip those options,

5 Best Bluetooth Headsets For Galaxy Note 9

If you’re on the go frequently and need to take phone calls regularly, then you know just how important a Bluetooth headset can be. A good Bluetooth headset will allow you to connect up to your Galaxy Note 9 and take your meetings on the go. If you’re stuck in traffic or have a long

5 Best Android Chargers In 2020

There aren’t enough wall chargers in the world. Usually, you have one by your bedside to keep your phone charged at night, and that’s usually the one that comes with your phone package — but what about other charging spots? You can take your charger out of your room and put it somewhere else for

5 Best Phone Cases For Google Pixel 2 XL

Phones are getting more and more expensive every year, especially the Google Pixel 2 XL. That can make it scary to pull out your phone in fear of dropping it and shattering it. It’s just like money: if you had some good amount of money in the bank, and pulled all that out in cash,

Samsung Gear 360 Vs GoPro Hero 5 comparison best VR 4k camera 2020

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture that captures the span of something vast, whether the Western countryside or your annual Christmas party selfie, then chances are you’re familiar with the panoramic frustration that comes on when that shot just doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. And even if you’re just trying to

7 Best Android Radio For Car In 2020

Many new vehicles are coming equipped with the Android operating system called Android Auto. This system enables you to seamlessly connect your phone up to your car, play your favorite music, use Google Maps, receive and send text messages, phone calls, and so much more. It’s a super innovative technology, but unfortunately, it’s only available

9 Best Launchers for Your Android Smartphone

If you are still using your Android device with the stock launcher, you are in for a treat with the best app launcher for android. The world of third-party Android launchers overflows with creativity, convenience, features, customization. Best of all, almost all launchers are available for free or, at least, offer free versions with limited

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12 Best Manga Reader App For Android In 2020

We’ve already shown you the best comic book applications for Android, but what about for Japanese manga? Manga has primarily been a Japanese thing for years, but it has inserted itself in many different cultures across the world, creating demand for more manga and even manga reader apps. Unfortunately, there is now a lot of

10 Best Bluetooth Headsets For Google Pixel 2 XL

Right now, the Pixel 2 XL by Google is one of the hottest phones on the market. It’s an all-around great device and popular product. And one of the most popular accessories to any new phone purchase is a good pair of headphones. Our favorites are Bluetooth because they’re both wireless and seamless. So today,

5 Best FM Transmitter For Car In 2020

If you don’t have Bluetooth or an auxiliary port in your car, you might be frustrated that you can’t play your favorite tunes from your Android phone or iPod. Luckily, Bluetooth FM Transmitters are a cheap and easy way to bring your old car’s audio technology into the 21st century. With a transmitter, you can

5 Best Task Manager For Android Phone In 2020

If you’re looking to better your Android phone’s performance, then you might want to consider using the best app manager for android. Task Managers were extremely popular in the early days of Android, where there were few options for managing pesky tasks and apps that hoarded processing power and memory. Now, things are a little

7 Best Bluetooth Car Adapter for Wireless Phone Connection

Just because you own an older car without a modern infotainment system doesn’t mean that you can’t play your favorite music from your smartphone. You just need to equip that system with Bluetooth connectivity, which you can due easily through a Bluetooth car adapter. Most Bluetooth car adapters enable a Bluetooth connection with your system