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Huawei P Smart Black Screen of Death

Huawei plans to let hundreds of US employees go, report says

It looks like Huawei is getting ready to layoff hundreds of its US employees, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Most of these employee’s don’t work for Huawei directly, but are involved in Research and Development subsidiary, called Futurewei Technologies. Huawei has multiple locations throughout the US, which employee US workers, as

Huawei’s EMUI 10 to get August announcement

Many of Huawei’s latest phones are running the EMUI 9.1 interface, but it looks like an upgrade is just over the horizon — EMUI 10. Rumor has it that the Chinese-based company will be announcing EMUI 10 during a keynote at a developer conference in China. We aren’t sure what to totally expect around EMUI

7 Best Car Holder Mount For iPhone XS Max In 2019

You’ve heard it time and time again — texting and driving is a dangerous game to play — it just isn’t safe. In fact, doing anything on your phone while driving is a dangerous game to play — even using Google Maps or Apple Maps. The few seconds your eyes are off the road are

5 Best All-in-One Color Laser Printer in 2019

7 Best All-in-One Color Laser Printer in 2019

All-in-One printers lets you print, copy, and scan documents. At least that’s how the technology was back in the day. But because of changing needs and evolving innovations, these kinds of powerful printers can now send fax, transfer scanned documents to network-connected computers, and some even offer wireless printing over Wi-Fi. But the best printers

5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 in 2019

7 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 in 2019

A pair of true wireless earbuds is the kind of music peripheral that sets you free from the bounds of wires connected to your mobile phone. When we say true, we mean an earbud without wires; those that work on pairs through advanced connectivity technology. And while the perception of such perfection may cost quite

5 Best Galaxy Watch Band Replacement

7 Best Galaxy Watch Band Replacement

The Galaxy Watch is known to be the flagship of, not just Samsung when it comes to smart watches, but of all Android. With its robust features, sturdy craftsmanship, and excellent quality, many are captivated to purchase one, whether they would have it paired with their Samsung or other Android smartphones. But at the onset,

It turns out that Google actually does listen to “Ok Google” queries

If you believed Google when they said that they don’t monitor “Ok, Google” queries, new information from a whistleblower indicates otherwise. This whistleblower spoke to VRT News, but also provided proof via over 1,000 audio recordings. Some of those recordings even included sensitive information, such as home addresses. Some of the stranger things about this

Sprint’s 5G network goes live in Chicago

While 5G networks on all carriers are very slowly rolling out, Sprint is finally lighting up its next city with 5G technology — Chicago, Illinois. Sprint says that the network should cover around 700,000 people. Of course, while they do say 700,000 people, not everyone has a 5G capable smartphone. In the next few weeks,

Anyone can now buy OnePlus’ Explorer Backpack

Previously, being able to purchase one of OnePlus’ Explorer Backpacks required a special invitation. Now, that’s no longer the case. You can get the Explorer Backpack in black or green, and it can be used to fit a 15-inch laptop. It also has a pocket for your phone, and actually eight different pockets throughout the

MineCraft Earth gets its official announcement

Microsoft announced a new Augmented Reality (AR) game back in May. It’s called Minecraft Earth, and we’re not exactly sure what it entails, as Microsoft hasn’t shown off any actual gameplay. That said, Microsoft is launching the closed beta, at least for iOS users. iOS users can sign-up to play the closed beta, which launches

You can now get your own JBL Link Bar

The JBL Link Bar has been talked about for a long time now, but now we’re actually seeing the device up for sale. JBL’s Link Bar might sound like a soundbar, but it’s so much more than that. Not only does it have its soundbar functionality, but it also works as an Android TV Box, and even

Google Translate Logo

Google Translate gets better instant camera translations in new update

Google Translate gained the ability to translate words through the use of an image via your smartphone’s camera years ago, not long after Google acquired World Lens. However, World Lens’ technology is getting a new update today in Google Translate, vastly improving how those instant camera translations work. In this update, Google has primarily focused