How To Screenshot On Instagram

Instagram has grown in the past decade to become the premiere way photos are viewed in the modern era. Both iOS and Android devices enable screenshot functionality they do it in a different way though – so we’ll note each way for each device type.

For iOS devices, all you have to do is open the app, go to the post you want and make sure things are centered. All you have to do to take a screenshot is press and hold the sleep/wake button and then press and release the home button. You will find your screenshots in your camera roll on the device. If you’re on iPhone X, it’s a little bit different — you’ll need to hold the sleep/wake button and the upper volume button down at the same time and then release to take a screenshot. 

On Android, you still have to go through the app to find the image you want. Center it and then press and hold the power button alongside the volume-down button. Depending on the device, it will either show a thumbnail or you will find it in your Photos app.


As you can see, it’s really easy to take a screenshot with Instagram. And, unlike Snapchat, Instagram doesn’t notify the user when you take a screenshot of their photo or video.

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