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Some Apex Legends players are reporting that their game keeps crashing and showing the CE-34878-0 error. In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll explain to you what this error means, its causes, and more importantly, the different solutions that you can try to fix it.

What does error code CE-34878-0 mean?

CE-34878-0 error code is a generic PS4 error that usually indicates that the game has crashed or won’t load. Aside from this indication, there’s nothing much that an average user can get out of this error code. 

Some players may experience the Apex Legends CE-34878-0 error randomly while others may have it every time the game loads, or when the game suddenly stops working in the middle of a match.

Causes of CE-34878-0 error when playing Apex Legends

There are several reasons why you may get the Apex Legends CE-34878-0 error on your PlayStation 4. We’ve compiled a list of these causes below.

Game or PS4 software is out of date.

We’ve received reports about some players encountering the Apex Legends CE-34878-0 PS4 error code due to outdated system software. The game may crash in the middle of a battle if there’s a pending game or software that needs to be installed. Although this occurrence is rare, it does happen from time to time with other PlayStation 4 games in the past.

Random system software or hardware glitch.

A few PS4 players may experience CE-34878-0 error on any game due to randomly triggered bug or glitch. There’s really no way to know the exact reason why certain CE-34878-0 instances occur. For some, the experience may be a one off while for others, it may be persistent. 

Broken game files.

Your Apex Legends game may crash and show CE-34878-0 error due to damaged or corrupted game files. This can happen when a game installation is interrupted, like when the console loses power all of a sudden. 

PlayStation Camera bug.

If you are using a PlayStation Camera and you enabled Face Recognition, it may be the reason why you’re getting the Apex Legends CE-34878-0 error. This has long been addressed by Sony but many players claim to have fixed CE-34878-0 error after disabling the Face Recognition feature.

Storage device issues.

The last known culprit for CE-34878-0 error on the PS4 console is a broken hard drive. If you still have the original hard drive on your system after these years, it’s likely messed up so as to cause errors in the system.

Apex legends ce 34878 0 error

How to fix PS4 Apex Legends CE-34878-0 error?

The following are the solutions that you can try to fix this error.

Fix #1: Reboot your PS4 console.

Refreshing the system is one of the simple yet sometimes effective means in fixing PS4 console errors. Make sure that you turn off your PlayStation 4 and unplug it from the power outlet for at least 30 seconds. This should be enough to clear the console memory or RAM and hopefully clear the bug.

Fix #2: Update your console.

Another simple fix for this error is to ensure that your PS4 is running the latest system software version. Some instances of crashing problems are due to coding issues so hot patches that comes with new updates may be needed.

Fix #3: Disable Face Recognition feature.

If you are using a PlayStation camera, try to see if turning off the Face Recognition feature will get rid of the Apex Legends CE-34878-0 error.

Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Go to your PlayStation Home screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select User.
  4. Select Login Settings.
  5. Uncheck Enable Face Recognition.

Fix #4: Rebuild the database.

The PS4 may start crashing or working properly if its file organization is not in order. To fix the situation, you’ll need to rebuild the database.

Fix #5: Delete and reinstall.

If fixing the PS4 database did not fix the Apex Legend error code CE-34878-0, deleting and reinstalling the game might. This ensures that you have a fresh set of files before launching the game again.

Fix #6: Initialize the PS4.

This one means wiping the console by doing a factory reset. If you haven’t tried it yet, follow this link for the steps.

Fix #7: Replace the hard drive.

If you still receive the CE-34878-0 after you’ve reset your PS4 console, the problem might be caused by a fault in your hard drive. Unfortunately, such an issue can only be fixed by getting a new hard drive, a procedure which means opening the console and physically taking out the original hard drive. 

If you want to go ahead with this solution, we suggest that you let a professional do it for you, especially if you are not confident in doing it yourself.


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