Unlocking the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10e

The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10e will automatically lock once it turns off that is if you’ve setup a screen security for it. The screen security is the first line of defense of your phone to prevent unwanted access. So, unlocking it will make your phone vulnerable especially if you’re not the one using it.

unlocking galaxy s10e screen

If you haven’t set up a screen security, make sure to do so to keep your files and data protected as well as your device itself.

Now, here’s how to easily unlock your Galaxy S10e’s screen...

  1. From the Lock screen, swipe up to unlock your phone. (For this tutorial, we’re showing how to unlock the screen with a PIN. However, you may have a different type of screen security set up. If you don’t have screen security set up, simply drag the Lock icon up to unlock it.)
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Tap OK.

You can access the most common functions of your device right from the Lock screen. Drag any icon toward the top of the screen to open the related app.

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