Skype Not Opening In Windows 10

Fix Skype Not Opening In Windows 10

Skype is a popular telecommunications application that is bundled with your Windows 10 operating system. It allows anyone with an account to not only make VoIP calls but instant messages as well. Although this is a solid performing application there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In this

Skype Unable To Load Directory Results

How To Fix Skype Unable To Load Directory Results Error

Skype is a popular communication tool that allows voice calls and video chats to be made between computer, tablets, smartphones, and even gaming devices. This software is currently owned by Microsoft and is  bundled with every Windows 10 installation. Although this is a solid application there are instances when certain issues can occur which we

Solutions for Note 3 Bluetooth Issues [Part 1]

Welcome to a new series on how to fix your Note 3 problems! In this post, we try to help some of our readers who encounter Bluetooth troubles in their Note 3s. Some of these issues started to appear after Android Lollipop was pushed to their devices. Our recommended solutions for Note 3 Bluetooth issues,

Older versions of Android losing support for Skype

#Skype has announced that devices running on software versions older than Android 4.0.3 will no longer receive updates on the app. While this may seem brutal for those using older versions of Android, Skype is clearly worried about the user experience aspect here. The app has come a long way since it was first launched and

Skype brings group video calling to Android

A new update to #Skype is finally introducing group video calls on #Android and #iOS. The update lets you add multiple people to a video conversation, making video calls more fun and interactive. Of course, functionality will be limited to the kind of internet connection you have and also to some extent the kind of device

Skype for Business arriving on Android soon

#Microsoft has announced the imminent arrival of the #Skype for Business app on #Android. The company is already offering a preview version of the app on Android which can be tried out, but will offer a proper release at a later date. Unfortunately, Microsoft has failed to divulge details on when the app will exit the

Skype finally getting Android Wear support

#AndroidWear has come quite a distance since it was first unveiled last year. One of the primary reasons for the success of the platform is the support it has received from developers. While Google’s own apps like #Maps, #Hangouts etc recently received support, we’re also seeing third party developers bringing compatibility for Google’s wearable ecosystem. The

Skype Logo

Skype for Android update introduces customized ringtones

The #Skype app on #Android has just received an update which introduces improved photo sharing and the ability to set custom ringtones for your contacts, making it pretty much a stock phone replacement. In addition to these changes, app users will also see change in avatar colors for group conversations, making it easier to distinguish between

Skype Android

Vulnerability on Skype for Android lets others spy on you

Users have discovered a new bug on Skype for Android, which reportedly allows prying eyes to spy on their conversations. Microsoft is already believed to have acknowledged this bug which means that a fix should be on its way to devices fairly soon. A user on Reddit explains how this process works: Have 2 devices

Skype Update

Skype for Android gets an update with some new features in tow

The Skype app for Android is now receiving an update which brings some useful features along with it. The app has long been criticized for not being able to show notifications immediately as the messages are sent, but Skype claims that this particular issue has been fixed. The update also brings a new picture in picture

Skype Qik

Skype Qik is a Snapchat competitor from Microsoft

We’ve seen plenty of Snapchat like applications hitting popular app hubs. And latest to the list is an offering from Microsoft and Skype called Qik which brings a similar concept to its users. Clearly, Skype enjoys a large user base which can be leveraged with an app like this. In terms of functionality, it’s pretty

galaxy s4 music volume problem

Fixing Some Common Problems of Galaxy S4 Apps

We have compiled some questions which were recently sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which are related to apps in the Galaxy S4. Below are the some inquiries which were sent to us by various Galaxy S4 users: #1 Question — App Still Running in Battery After Uninstall “Just need your help. After