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Fix some Samsung Galaxy Note 5 problems that occurred after the Marshmallow update

While many Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#Galaxy #Note5) owners were excited about the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (#AndroidM) update and it’s promised performance and battery optimizations, expectations turned into disappointments when the new update brought about new problems without addressing the previous ones. There were some whose phones were working fine before the update but encountered

Galaxy Note 5 locked due to Factory Reset Protection, other issues

Here are other #GalaxyNote5 problems we have collected from our community these past few days. As you can see, two of the issues mentioned talk about how to unlock a Note 5 when a user does not know the Google account associated with it. Unfortunately, there’s just no known way to circumvent Samsung’s security feature

Galaxy Note 5 shutting down on its own, other issues

Here’s another collection of #GalaxyNote5 issues. These are taken from queries submitted by some members of our community for the past few days.   Below are the specific topics discussed in this post today: Galaxy Note 5 “custom binary blocked by FRP” error Galaxy Note 5 shutting down on its own Galaxy Note 5 can

Videos on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 not loading properly, other issues

Welcome to another #GalaxyNote5 post! This episode of Note 5 troubleshooting series gives you 5 other issues and their respective resolutions. Below are the topics that we cover in this material today: Galaxy Note 5 sending SMS problem after Marshmallow update Cannot bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 5 stops

Galaxy Note 5 frozen and not responding, other issues

  Welcome to another post about #GalaxyNote5 issues and fixes. We understand that many of our readers are new comers so if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to drop by our troubleshooting index for Galaxy Note 5 issues in this page. Comment about posting procedure how to bypass FRP on Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note 5