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How to transfer files from Galaxy S7 to a PC, other issues

For those of you who sent us requests for assistance regarding #GalaxyS7 and #GalaxyS7edge, check this article out to see if we have a resolution for you. We plan on posting more materials about Galaxy S7 issues in the coming weeks so watch out for them. Below are the specific topics addressed here today: How

Galaxy S6 not showing SMS notifications, other issues

Hello TheDroidGuy community! Here are some of other #GalaxyS6 issues we’ve gathered for you today. If you want to look for other articles that answers more issues on this device, please head over to this page. Galaxy S6 closes apps all of a sudden Galaxy S6 not showing SMS notifications Galaxy S6 Edge Plus won’t

Galaxy Note 4 email app won’t send, other issues

Hello guys! Here’s another list of 4 #GalaxyNote4 issues we’ve received from some of our readers. We hope this material will help others with similar or the same issues. Here’s the specific topics we discuss here today: Galaxy Note 4 in bootloop issue after it fell Galaxy Note 4 email app won’t send Galaxy Note

How to deal with Galaxy S7 battery drain issue, other issues

Welcome to our first #GalaxyS7 article for this week. This post brings you 6 other S7 issues as reported by some users. As in most Android issues, there’s often no specific solution to a problem so we hope that our suggestions will not only help the S7 owners mentioned here but those that may be