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Sprint Galaxy S8 MMS not working, can’t download MMS, group messages won’t work

Hello Android fans! Today’s post talks about an issue with a Sprint Galaxy S8 with MMS and Group messaging problems. As detailed below, one S8 owner is having trouble with MMS and group messaging after using his device on another network. If you are in the same situation, learn what to do about it.

Problem: Sprint Galaxy S8 MMS not working, can’t download MMS, group messages won’t work

Cannot download messages or pics, or send or download MMS, group messages do not come through. I cannot update PRL or Profile.   Here is an update: My S8 phone was previously with CREDO using Sprint lines, my S8 bought from Credo, is an original Sprint phone. (Side-note: Credo is overpriced and their customer support is none existent when you have any problem. They did not unlock my fully paid phone when I requested this, it took 2 weeks and hours and hours of being on hold numerous times. I waited on hold over 2 hours one day 1:40 another, etc etc with no help).   I continue to have the same problem. Mint has been useless in assisting me, they said call my previous carrier my phone could be partially locked, which reluctantly, I did and they were useless again, denying any cause could possibly be theirs. Since Mint uses T-Mobile lines, I troubleshooted on their site, and decided to try entering a new access point with T-Mobile’s APN, and then I turned off the WiFi and I was able to download my messages, but each time I must turn off my WiFi go to settings, mobile networks and turn Mint off and T-mobile on, get it downloaded and then change it back. It’s time consuming and frustrating and utterly RIDICULOUS!  

I still get this error message: “power off your device insert service provider UICC that came with the device then power on the device”, of course this does not work. I cannot update my profile or PRL without getting the same message.

I have spent so many frustrating days and hours on this, wasting my time and neither company will resolve this. It’s absurd that when I search for resolution of this issue, this it is not isolated, there are so so many from years ago, and mainly with Sprint phones. The problem must lie with Sprint, but someone in the tech world should have been able to resolve this, since Sprint obviously refuses.

Solution: If your Galaxy S8 originally came from Sprint, then you have a CDMA device. This means that it may not work properly when used outside Sprint network, or may not even work at all. CDMA devices, unlike GSM devices, store their subscriber’s information deep within the software (GSM phones store subscriber information in SIM cards). While such an arrangement offers more security, it also makes unlocking the device very tricky. CDMA devices are notoriously difficult to use on other networks because its software is coded differently. Even if unlocked by the original carrier, some network services may not work properly

There are other factors that may be causing the problem you’re experiencing right now but coding incompatibility is probably the main cause. As much as we would like it, there’s nothing much that we can do to help in this case. If Sprint or the original carrier claims that they’ve unlocked it already, they must be telling the truth. Unlock in this case refers to making software modifications, particularly on the network configuration side, to allow it to work on a third party network. A network unlocked device though is not guaranteed to work seamlessly on another network. There may be incompatibility issues that may surface afterwards. This is the price you have to pay if you want to use a device outside its parent network.

Every carrier put its own firmware on its devices and sometimes, these firmware versions may not be 100% compatible with a different system. Sadly, there’s nothing much that an end user like you can do about it. If you really want to use this device again, we suggest that you go use the services of its parent network or carrier (Sprint). After provisioning the device again, it should work normally. If using it with Sprint is out of the question, then you have to accept the fact that it may not work properly with its current setup.


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