Solution to a Samsung Galaxy S4 Ascending Ringtone Volume Issue

Recently, we received this message from a user who seems to be experiencing a Samsung Galaxy S4 ascending ringtone volume issue. His message reads, “I am experiencing a Galaxy S4 problem wherein my ringtone starts very low and then it jumps up to high. Is there a way to fix this?”

Possible Ways to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S4 Ascending Ringtone Volume

Here are ways to address the problem about a Galaxy S4 ascending ringtone volume:

A. Disable the Pocket Ring Option

The issue appears to be caused by the features of the Pocket Ring option present in the Galaxy S4. This can easily be fixed by disabling the feature using the following steps:

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to My Device.

3. Proceed to Call.

4. Select Call Settings.

5. Uncheck “Increase Volume in Pocket”.

If you want to keep the setting or your phone still triggers the ascending ringtone sound even if it is not in your pocket, check if:

1. Its proximity sensors beside the front camera lens are dirty.

2. There is a protective film covering the proximity sensors.

3. The proximity sensors are defective.

B. Clear Overall Cache

When the problem persists even if you have disabled the pocket ring option already, try clearing the overall cache of your device through the Storage menu in its Settings.

C. Remove Interfering Apps

Check if you have installed apps that may be triggering the unwanted operation. Try disabling or uninstalling the apps that you have installed recently just before you noticed the problem.

Another way to check if there are third-party apps causing the issue is by starting your phone under Safe Mode. Then, have someone to call you to see if the jumping volume still occurs.

If Safe Mode eliminates the problem, there is definitely a third-party app or group of third-party apps causing all the trouble. Simply uninstall them for a quick solution. But if the problem persists in Safe Mode, the issue may already be in the hardware. So, if this is the case, have your phone checked by a trusted Samsung technician.

D. Do a Factory Reset

A Factory Reset should only be performed once you have exhausted all the possible solutions and if you have determined that the problem is not within the hardware itself. Be sure to backup everything in your device though because the process will totally refresh your system files and wipe out all the contents of your device.

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  1. Okay i have tryed all of those stuff you folks wrote here and only thing left to do is a factory reset which im trying to avoid. Any other ideas? Its not the hardware.

  2. Hello, can you provide step by step explanation on Note4.. seems like my Note4 is experiencing the same issue as the ascending ringtone.. would much appreciated mate!

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