LG V20

LG V20 Review: Phone with Removable Battery

The demand for water-resistance and more premium-feeling materials has forced manufacturers to essentially stop producing high-end smartphones with a removable battery, creating a massive void in the market. Fortunately, there are still smartphones like the LG V20, which still holds up great and offers excellent value for money. Pros: Removable battery Dual-camera setup Wide-angle lens

Nokia 2.2

Nokia 2.2 Review: Solid Android Phone with Removable Battery

There are not that many solid Android One smartphones to choose from, and there are even fewer smartphones with a removable battery, which is why the Nokia 2.2 is so worth taking a closer look at. Pros: Likable design Solid performance Removable battery Dedicated Google Assistant button Stock Android experience Regular software updates Cons: Average

ios in android smartphone

How to Install iOS in Android Smartphone

If you are looking for the best way to install iOS the operating system onto your Android phone, then you will probably be disappointed since it has not been done publicly. The claims in the past have been debunked or even removed all together. The ideal solution to get the best iOS experience on your

locate missing galaxy s4

How to Locate Missing Galaxy S4 Successfully

We will help you how to effectively locate a missing Galaxy S4 using the native features of your Samsung Smartphone. To do this, simply follow the steps below: A. Enable the “Remote Controls” Feature This portion requires you to set up a Samsung account first. You can find the option to do it in the

Samsung Galaxy C7

Samsung becomes the world’s top smartphone seller yet again

According to a report from Strategy Analytics which covers the first quarter of 2015, Samsung has yet again claimed the top smartphone OEM spot this year. Apple overtook Samsung late last year with the launch of devices like the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, but the Korean manufacturer will be glad that the run didn’t

Moto G becomes Motorola’s highest selling smartphone

The Moto G is no doubt one of the best value-for-money devices out there. Motorola made it immediately obvious that it wants to sell the device in large numbers in order to remain competitive in the midrange segment. The manufacturer has now announced that the smartphone is officially its most successful smartphone. This is a

battery calibration techniques

More Effective Battery Calibration Techniques

A new email came in from one of our readers named Dave suggesting more effective battery calibration techniques which can be used to solve various issues related to the inaccurate battery reading of Smartphone or tablet devices. Here are the battery calibration techniques shared to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag: 1. Completely Drain the

Note 3 Extended Battery Pack

Bulky Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery Pack Now Available

If you do not find the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 huge yet, then, the extended battery pack released by ZeroLemon will definitely further add to its size. According to Android Police, the Note 3 extended battery pack houses an enormous 10,000mAh power supply. This is also carries an NFC support for the device. When combined

rumored galaxy s5 in browsermark test

Samsung Galaxy S5 Appears in a New Benchmark Test

There is a new sighting of a mysterious Samsung Smartphone that appears to be the Galaxy S5 in another benchmark test. According to TechRadar, the new phone carries a slightly different model this time. Last week, the model which was revealed in a benchmark test revealed SM-G900S while the most recent test showed SM-G900F. The

Component Manufacturers: Unsung Heroes of Smartphone Innovation

A particularly interesting discussion started today on Google+ about smartphone innovation. One thing often forgotten is the real heroes of smartphone innovation are the component manufacturers. Apple is often credited with having invented the modern smartphone. Credit should be given credit to two companies: Apple and LG. Back in December 2006, LG unveiled its KE850 Prada

LG G2 design story

LG G2 design story gets detailed

The LG G2 design story has been detailed in a video. It reveals the reasons why it opted for a design that moves the buttons to the rear, a decision which has received mixed reactions from consumers. In the video, LG reiterates the message that it gave before and during the launch of the flagship

The Race to the Bottom: The Golden Age of Apps, 2008-2013

The past five years will one day be described as the golden age of apps. Over one million applications were developed in this period. In the first part of this series, I explained why further growth in the smartphone market was based on converting feature phone users to smartphone users. Large growth in the market

The Race to the Bottom: Surveying the Smartphone Market

Android manufacturers have often been panned for engaging in a “race to the bottom” of producing a large number of handsets with small margins. What many are just starting to realize is being the winner in the mobile phone game, is being able to race to the bottom successfully. In the last week you have

HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition

HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition released

The HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition has just been unveiled in Taiwan, giving fans of the famous feline a special treat. Only 3,100 units of this device are available of the limited-edition handset, according to an earlier report. The HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition features a pearly white polycarbonate shell with an image


Approaching Extinction: Android Smartphones Smaller than 4-inches

Almost four years ago, GSMArena wrote this about their impressions of the 4.3-inch HTC HD2. But with touch smartphones getting screens that large sooner or later ergonomics had to be sacrificed. We somehow thought that the original Touch HD had almost crossed the line, but the HD2 has definitely crossed over. Reaching your thumb to