How To Fix Sifu Crashes On PS4 | Updated Solutions [Updated 2023]

Many PS4 players are reporting that their Sifu game keeps crashing on their PS4 regardless of what they do. Fixing crashes on any game on PS4 is usually a hit and miss situation as there’s usually no clear indications or errors that might help us determine the problem. Others may experience crashes due to software conflict, glitches, minor bugs, and even cache data issue. Some people may also encounter crashing problems on their PS4 games due to hardware malfunction.

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show the ways to fix Sifu crashing issue on the PS4. Just like other games, crashes on this game are usually temporary and most are caused by coding issues. Problems like these usually disappear with time as the developer releases more updates.

How to fix Sifu crashes on PS4?

Game crashes on the PS4 are not unheard of and over the years, a lot of games on this platform continue to fail from time to time. There are several possible reasons for crashes so there are also a number of things you can do to fix Sifu crashing issue on your PS4. Some of the workarounds are simple, while others need drastic measures.


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Fix #1: Refresh the PS4.

  1. Press and hold the PS button on your controller.
  2. Select Turn off PS4 from the Power menu after it appears.
  3. Wait 30 seconds after the PS4 has been turned off before unplugging the power cable from the outlet.
  4. Turn the PS4 back on after 30 seconds and check if the problem is still there.

This is the first thing that you should do. A reboot helps refresh your PS4 as well as clear the system cache, which might have developed a minor bug that causes the system to malfunction.

Fix #2: Make sure that you update Sifu game.

After upgrading, several players claimed that the crashing issue in Sifu was resolved. This is due to the fact that some problems need new inputs from developers from time to time to deal with all sorts of problems such compatibility issues, crashes, performance glitches, etc. 

New games tend to have more bugs after release so updates are necessary to improve them. Updates include both new features and bug fixes so be sure not to miss them.

If you simply play Sifu alone, connect your PS4 to the internet to see whether an update for the game is available.

Fix #3: Update your PS4 software.

  1. Go to your PlayStation Home screen.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select System Software Update and allow any system updates to install.
  4. Reboot your PlayStation 4 console.
PS4 system software update

Another important update to keep an eye on is the one for your PlayStation 4 firmware. Sony delivers important OS updates for the PlayStation consoles, and if not updated, these upgrades may have a negative influence on the performance of select games. Other times, PS4 updates are intended to fix issues with specific titles. This is frequently the case with upgrades containing new drivers.

If you keep on experiencing Sifu crashing issues, be sure to check for updates for your PlayStation software. 

Fix #4: Delete and reinstall your new game.

If Sifu continues to crash after being updated, you’ll need to attempt deleting and reinstalling the game after your PS4’s firmware has been updated. If the major cause of the crashes has anything to do with your local save data, this would be a good remedy.

Follow these steps to delete Sifu:

  1. Go to your PlayStation Home screen.
  2. Find and highlight the Sifu game tile and hit the Options button on your controller.
  3. Choose Delete.
  4. Confirm the action to delete.

Once your Sifu game has been deleted, reinstall it and check if that helps to fix Sifu crashing issue.

Fix #5: Check your internet connection.

Some games like Sifu may requires an active internet connection in order to start, especially if you have the digital version in order for the system to check the license. Other games also needs to install new contents or DLCs before launching. These are some of the reasons why you must ensure that your PS4 has good internet connection before you load your Sifu game.

So, if you don’t have an internet connection or your Wi-Fi network isn’t up and running, your half-installed game isn’t going to run or even start correctly on the console. Check the speed and stability of your connection. Switch to a different network or use a mobile hotspot to test the function if there is a problem with the network.

Fix #6: Check for overheating.

The PS4 console is designed to shut down on its own if it’s overheating. 

Keeping your console in a well-ventilated place is strongly advised to minimize overheating or system crashes. 

Avoid overheating the console by keeping it away from direct sunlight or heat source and always ensuring that it has a good ventilation around it.

Fix #7: Delete corrupted saved data.

It appears that erasing the game’s installed stored data on the console can also resolve a number of difficulties with the game’s launch or gameplay. To rule out the possibility of a problem, you should attempt this procedure.

  1. Go to your PlayStation Home screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Application tile.
  4. Go to Saved Data Management.
  5. Choose either System Storage or Online Storage or USB Storage.
  6. Select Delete.
  7. Select Sifu then checkmark the files that you want to delete. Alternatively, you can also use the Select All option.
  8. Select Delete, then OK.
  9. Reboot your PS4 and check for the crashing issues again.

Keep in mind that deleting the saved game data for Sifu means deleting your game progress that is saved locally. If you don’t want to lose your progress so far, try to create a backup of your files before deleting them.

Fix #8: Rebuild the PlayStation 4 Database.

If Sifu does not launch properly, or if it continues to crash randomly, the next solution that you can try is to rebuild the database of your PS4.

Safe mode Update System software 1
  1. Turn off your PS4. to do that, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds.
  2. After the console has shut down, press and hold the Power button in front for about 7 seconds, or until you hear two beeps–the first should happen right after you hit the button, and the second should happen after 7 seconds.
  3. Release the Power button after the second beep.
  4. Select Option 5 [Rebuild Database] once you’ve reached Safe Mode.
  5. To begin the rebuild, use the X button.

Fix #9: Hard reset your PS4.

If Sifu is still not working properly and the crashing problem persists, it’s necessary to hard reset, also known as factory reset, the console. You’ll need to go to Safe Mode and then pick Option 6 [Initialize PS4], as shown in the previous solution.

Because a factory reset will delete your hard drive’s contents, make a backup of any crucial game saves and other data before proceeding.


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