Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 won’t charge due to “Battery temperature too low” error

“Battery temperature too low” error usually shows up in devices that’s exposed to very low temperature resulting to charging failure. If you have this error on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, learn what to do to address it.

Problem: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 won’t charge due to “Battery temperature too low” error

Hi. My tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is not charging and gives me the error “Battery temperature too low”. With the charger plugged in and turned off (battery is depleted by now) the screen is alternating between the battery charging sign and a triangle with a thermometer sign.

Question: Can this be caused by a faulty pin in the battery connector to the motherboard? or can I rule that out completely and the issue is in the charging assembly/port? Before this happened, the battery couldn’t charge above 1-2% no matter how long I left it plugged in. So I tried to disconnect the battery connector and in the process I damaged a pin. After I patched it back somehow, I turned the tablet on and it showed a 20% charge despite before showing 1-2% for days. I was able to use the tablet (with the damaged connector pin) normally for the 20% charge but now I can’t charge it. Thoughts? Can this be because the battery was dead anyway and this is just a wrong error message?

Solution: Lithium-based batteries are like people who perform poorly when exposed to low or high temperature. Too much heat can permanently damage the battery while low temperature can either cause the battery to stop working for some time. If you want your phone to work properly, make sure that you use it where you can usually tolerate heat levels.

“Battery temperature too low” error usually occurs when your phone detects that the core temperature of the battery has dropped below 4°C (39.2°F). If you are in cold place or if the phone is exposed to cold, leave it in room temperature for a few hours and everything should be fine.

However, if there’s no way the phone has been to such cold place before (below 4°C) but it keeps on showing the “Battery temperature too low” error, this may be due to a broken resistor in the USB board assembly. This resistor is called thermistor and its job is to detect the core temperature of your device. It is set to trigger an error such as “Charging paused: Battery temperature too low” message to warn a user that charging can’t proceed due to low temperature. It’s possible that you may have damaged the thermistor when you tried to perform a fix on the device. This is a very tiny resistor in the charging board so you may have overlooked it during repair, or it may had been shorted during or after that procedure. The best way to fix a broken thermistor is to replace it but if you can’t find a replacement spare part, it’s best if you simply replace the entire USB charging port assembly.

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