Galaxy S6 charging port not working after water exposure, how to repair a wet S6, other issues

Hello Android fans! Welcome to another #GalaxyS6 troubleshooting article. We once again address another common problem with smartphones in this one — what to do when your phone has been water damaged or exposed to water. We don’t intend to provide a hardware solution for the problem but rather just an enlightened guidelines for average users. If you are an advanced user equipped with all the appropriate skills and tools, this page is not for you.

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Problem 1: Galaxy S6 charging port not working after water exposure

First, my phone got a few rain drops in the charging port. I may or may not have charged it once I got in the house not thinking about water. But it had at least 50% battery and I usually plug it in all the time once I come inside. The phone was working fine.

Later in the evening I plugged it in to charge again, but it wouldn’t charge. I put it on battery save and looked online for solutions. Stupid me should’ve just waited until the next day to get a wireless charging pad as I think I fried the port. Instead, I saw a post about safe mode and rebooting to possibly fix the port. So I tried to put it in safe mode. Then, it restarted and said safe mode in the corner, it had my screen saver pop up and prompted me to enter my passcode. As soon as I entered it, the screen went black and had a little X in the bottom left corner of the screen. No buttons work at that point except volume up and down…even down makes it change to vibrate mode. The top pull down bar shows all notifications and even messages ding when they arrive, but when you tap them, the screen just goes black and nothing happens. You can pull down the notifications bar again, but nothing clicks forward. Click on tools…nothing happens. Can shut off and turn on wifi.

So, I Googled again and did a system reboot. After a successful reboot, still same problems. I think back to when I did the safe mode….maybe I hit a wrong button in the sequence and manually changed something?

The only other option I have is to try factory reset, but I really don’t want to lose all my contacts and photos. (Nope…forgot to backup). So now it is very slowly charging on a wireless pad as the port is inoperative. Please help! — Alissa

Solution: Hi Alissa. Before we proceed, let’s make one thing clear here. Restarting your phone to safe mode or even performing a factory reset won’t fix a physically broken charging port, or any broken hardware for that matter. A lot of users come to our site and ask for solutions for their broken devices hoping we can tell them some magic tricks. No, our site deals with software issues only. Any issue due to bad hardware, like when the phone got wet or physically impacted or dropped, has to go to repair. No exceptions. The reason for that is the fact that hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics is way more complex than their software counterparts. And average phone users don’t usually have the skills and tools to do the job. In a lot of cases, do-it-yourself repair usually ends up creating more issues than solutions. In a word, if you are positive that the charging port was working fine prior to the phone getting wet, then you’re probably right, that the charging port has been fried. In this case, save yourself from the hassle of wasting time doing ineffective software tweaks by simply sending the phone in.

Try software troubleshooting

Now, if charging port issue coincidentally occurred after doing something different like installing an app or update, that’s the time that you should consider verifying if a third party app is to blame by rebooting to safe mode, or by doing a factory reset. The black screen phenomenon that you’re experiencing right now can be a sign that the charging port has been shorted sending mixed or confusing signals to the operating system. The OS, in turn, may be interpreting the signals from the port as if you’re trying to connect a virtual reality gear. We’ve noticed this this black screen with an x at the corner before but only in cases wherein virtual reality gadgets are involved.

Dry the charging port

We can’t really say for sure what’s going on but the only thing that you can do right now is to try to see if drying the charging port will help return its normal functionality. You can do this by using a can of compressed air to blow dirt or moisture from the port. Avoid sticking something inside to avoid bending the pins. If drying the port won’t fix the issue, contact Samsung or an independent service center for repair.

Problem 2: Galaxy S6 edge got water damage, won’t turn on, how to repair a wet S6

The phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Not exactly sure of the Android version. Carrier: Telus Mobility Alberta Canada.

My wife dropped her phone in the toilet. Put it in rice asap for 4 days. Won’t turn on. Contract expired 5 days prior so we can not use the warranty we pay 7 bucks a month for. So, we watched YouTube and decided to take it apart. I noticed on eBay that some parts are relatively cheap. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge MOTHERBOARD~32Gb for $3.25. So what else would I need to buy? And if I was going to clean the parts, what would I use? Electrical contact cleaner? There doesn’t seem to be to much to these phones mostly battery. — Terry

Solution: Hi Terry. A key component in hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics is identifying the main cause of the problem. It’s not just about replacing some parts. If you can’t pinpoint where the problem lies, you’ll be wasting good money for nothing. Unfortunately, hardware diagnostics is not that simple, especially for those without basic electronics knowledge. If it’s your first time to try a do-it-yourself repair for a device like an S6, you’ll need to do more research than ask us on what to do. First of all, we don’t support hardware troubleshooting and diagnostics. Secondly, hardware diagnostics even for a smartphone can be a complicated matter that a couple of articles like this one may not be enough to educate you about it. Thirdly, do-it-yourself repair won’t guarantee that you’ll have a working device after replacing some parts. Water damage can result to unpredictable issues and no single repair guide may get rid of all issues. Good repairs are done by good technicians. If you want to repair your wet device, be ready to accept the fact that you may not be able to fix any or  all issues that cause the failure of the phone to boot up.

Drying electronic parts

Speaking of cleaning the parts, isopropyl alcohol can be used. Try to avoid using ethyl alcohol as it contains more water than isopropyl alcohol. Water in enough amount can damage the motherboard’s circuitry by allowing corrosion to set in. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates faster as well, so it’s a good choice. Just remember to disconnect the battery from the logic board before attempting to clean any part with alcohol. This will avoid potentially shorting other components in the event that the battery is still working. Remember, drying the components may or may not help in allowing the phone to work normally again. If the phone has already suffered some permanent hardware damage during the initial contact with water, a full motherboard replacement may be the only option for you.

Find a good guide for DIY repair

Should you intend to fix this problem by yourself, we suggest that you find more sources of information on how to do it. Not only do you need the right knowledge, tools, and replacement parts for it but also the right guide on what to do exactly.

Problem 3: Galaxy S6 Active won’t turn on, photo recovery from an S6 that won’t turn on

My daughter plugged her phone (Galaxy S6 Active) in and went to bed. I am unsure of what Android Version it is. When she woke up it was turned off and won’t come back on. I have tried to do the power button/volume button/home button which didn’t work. The only thing I can think of to do is take the battery out. Honestly, all we want are the pictures on the phone. Please help! — Michelle

Solution: Hi Michelle. Unfortunately, for a Galaxy S6 Active, the battery is built-in and can’t be easily removed without taking the phone apart first. If you want to know the reason why the phone is not turning on, you must do a series of logical troubleshooting. Below are the things that you must do:

Step 1: Check the accessories

Step 2: Ensure that the phone is charging correctly

Step 3: Troubleshoot the screen

If any of these steps won’t help fix the problem, that’s too bad. It means you’ll most likely lose the photos during repair or replacement, which will be the only choices you’ll have. In order to access the memory of the phone, you’ll need to have a working operating system and phone in general. That means having a working touchscreen, and obviously a phone that can power back on. With the current condition of your phone, there’s just no secret magic tricks to get to the photos.

To prevent losing data in the future, make sure to regularly keep a copy of important or irreplaceable files somewhere. You can also try to enable sync in your device to allow Google or Samsung to automatically upload copies of your photos to the cloud.  


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