Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Problems, Errors, Troubleshooting and Solutions [Part 2]

Since then, we’ve received a lot of emails from owners asking how to fix their problems but we were so busy supporting two other Notes and three of Samsung’s Galaxy S devices (S2, S3, & S4), that’s why I haven’t written follow up posts. Now, that there are three of us taking turns writing posts for devices we support, it’s time to continue providing solutions to common Note 10.1 problems and answer our readers questions and concerns.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Displays X On Battery Icon

Problem: Hello guys! I was actually enjoying your articles and expertise although my device isn’t one of the devices you support. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and the first four months was really awesome and I couldn’t complain with its performance and features. By the way, the problem isn’t with any of those but with the way my device charges as of late. When I plug the tablet to charge, I get the battery icon but with a red X mark over it. Just today, the device had 20% battery left when I plugged it in. I left it for an hour and it went down to 8%. That is an obvious sign the Note doesn’t charge. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance! — Jerry

Related Problem 1: I see you only have one article for Note 10.1 and my problem wasn’t included in the issues you addressed. I don’t really know what happened to my tablet but recently when I charge it, it displays the battery icon but with a red X mark on it instead of just the battery icon only. The device won’t charge. What is the problem with it and how can I resolve it? Thanks. — Jomari

Related Problem 2: My tablet is frozen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 logo when it isn’t attached to the charger. When I press and hold the power button it will go off but then the logo comes back on. When the tablet is connected to the charger the battery charging logo is on the screen but it is frozen (no movement on the battery). Same thing with it. When I press and hold the power button it goes off but comes right back on again. Have you any idea of how to fix this? — Judy

Potential Solution: As you know, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition uses the standard micro-USB charging port unlike the previous version. So, you can just try different, even non-Samsung, USB cables because more often the battery icon with an X mark on it comes out when the phone detects a charger is plugged in but nor current is coming in. Or, at least, that’s one of the possibilities.

The other possibility is that the USB charging port, or one of its components, is busted and needs replacement. But you’ll only know this by ruling out the other possibility. The thing is, the performance of the device isn’t affected by this problem and it can only be noticed when the tablet is plugged in to charge. So, if you can rectify this issue, the device will be like new again.

So, again try a different USB cable or charger and if the red X mark is still on the battery icon, it’s time you had the device checked by a Samsung technician. There’s nothing much we can do for hardware issues.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Can’t Load Photos From Other Device

Problem: Hi droid guy, I hope you can help me. On my Note 10.1 my pictures synced from my phone (iPhone 5c) will not load on my Note. It says the pictures are there and only a few will display. It says unable to load photos with a black box. I have deleted Google and reinstalled it twice, my pictures from FB have synced and are there. Is there anything I can do about this. I am trying to get a slideshow of my photos for my wedding. I do not have a computer just my phone and the note. Thanks, please help! — Kristi

Related Problem: Hi guys. I have a minor issue with my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, it’s not loading photos from my other device, iPad 3. I have all my photos in my iPad but I want to copy them over to my new Note. There are more than 300 photos so Bluetooth is not really a viable option. Someone said I could just transfer them over via internet but when I tried, photos won’t load on my Samsung device. Please help me with it. Thanks. — Jean

Workaround: I don’t have any idea about the setup of your other device so I won’t delve into the cause why your photos won’t load on your Note 10.1. However, I will give you the easiest, I think, and more convenient way to transfer over your photos.

  1. Download and install Google+ on both the other device and Note 10.1.
  2. On your other device, login to the Google+ using the Google account you use on your Note.
  3. Upload all your photos to Google+.
  4. On your Note 10.1, enable sync for photos from Google+.
  5. All your photos will now be viewed on your Note.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Freezes And Won’t Respond

Problem: I have a Note 10.1 that I started having a problem with. When I visit an app. and then try to exit or quit, by pushing the back button or the home page button it does nothing. The screen I’m on seems to be frozen. I end up pushing the on-off button and that itself, doesn’t always function correctly…sometimes I have to hold it down longer…and sometimes the screen that allows you to Power Off disappears before I can hit the button to power off. Even when I go to my device settings to turn on or off a function…I can’t get out of the screen it seems to also freeze up. Can you help? Thanks. — Martha

Related Problem: My Note 10.1 (2014 model) freezes and becomes unresponsive most of the time. It happens especially when I open apps. The device will stay on the current page and it won’t respond even if I press the Home button. There are even times when it doesn’t respond to Power button. Please help me figure out a solution for this. Thanks. — Jolina

Potential Solution: There is always a chance that this problem was caused by a third-party app that has gone rogue or crashed. You need to rule that possibility out by booting the table in Safe Mode, which will temporarily disable all third-party apps:

  1. Turn off Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 completely.
  2. Press and hold the Power button.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release the Power button and immediately press and hold the Volume down key.
  4. Once the Note has finished restarting and ‘Safe Mode’ shows in the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Vol down key.

While the device is in safe mode, observe closely to find out if it still freezes or becomes unresponsive. If not, then the problem was really with the third parties. All you need to do is find out which app causes it and uninstall it. You better start with apps you used when the issue occurred.

However, if the phone still freezes and becomes unresponsive, then one of the pre-installed apps or core services is causing it. This time, you need to perform factory reset to bring the device back to its original settings.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Picture Load Time, App Installation Issues

Problem: Hi guys, I was hoping you could help me with a couple of problems with my Samsung Note 10.1 2014 version tablet.

First, my gallery app take a long time to load pictures, like 30-45 seconds, the app opens quickly, but it does not populate with pictures for a long time. It didn’t do that when I first got it, just for the last couple of months. I have about 1200 pictures on there, most in the Camera uploads folder.

Second, when I try to install any new apps, it says it can’t install on the main hard drive or on the SD card. The main hard drive has about a1.5 gig of space left, and the SD card has about 14 gig of space on it. What could the reasons be for it not wanting to install any new apps. Thanks for taking a look. — Paul

Related Problem 1: I can’t figure out why the gallery application is taking ages to load. I have about 400 photos in my tablet’s storage while others are saved in the cloud. The device loads pretty fast and all other functions are working like it used to but when I launch the gallery, the phone seems to slow down or something. Do you have an idea what’s causing it? — Jhun

Related Problem 2: Hi guys! My name is Sarah and I have a problem with my Note 10.1. When I try to download and install apps, it says it couldn’t install them. There’s more than 9GB left on the SD card so I’m really perplexed why this issue happens. Do you know how to fix this problem? Thank you!

Potential Solutions: Since there are two issues here, let me take them up one by one. Let’s go for the first, the Gallery load time issue. You know Gallery is one of the busiest apps in your device and its load time depends on the number of photos saved locally, the number of accounts it’s syncing with, the number of photos it has to load from the cloud, and how fast the internet connection is. When the Camera is running, so is the Gallery because it manages both photos and videos.

So, the device is performing normally and it only slows down, so it seems, when gallery is launched. It seems to me that the real issue is with the number of photos or multimedia files it loads. The most logical way to address this issue is the clear the cache and data of the app. Don’t worry, Gallery manages your photos but doesn’t store them so clearing both the cache and data won’t delete any of your photos.

If the clearing of cache and data doesn’t fix the problem, try removing all syncs for photos first and repeat the clearing of data. This time only photos and/or videos saved locally are to be loaded or cached. If the app is still slow after that, take a little time transferring all your multimedia files to a computer or upload them in the cloud.     Minimize the number of photos to be loaded in the gallery.

The issue about not being able to download and install apps is often caused by insufficient internal storage. You may be seeing that there is enough space left for an app but remember that apps have a different partition. The most logical way to address this is to uninstall unused apps, clear data of apps that aren’t used anymore and move as many third-party apps as possible to the external storage or microSD card.

If this problem, however, started after you updated Google Play Store, then it’s obvious the recent update may have messed up your device. Go to Application Manager and uninstall updates for the Play Store; that often works.

App Is Not Compatible With Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Firmware

Problem: Good morning Harold, I have had my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 for some months now with no issues. However just recently Twitter started playing up constantly stating that tweets could not be retrieved at this time despite having full internet connection and everything else working. In my attempts to fix this I seem to have wiped the Twitter app from the device! When I go to Google Play to reload it tells me that ‘This version is not compatible with your device’. Can you help at all please? Thanks, Paul.

Related Problem: Hey guys, I’m happy I found your website. I own the new Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition with the latest firmware. I assume majority of the apps, if not all, in the Play Store are compatible with the latest version of Android, except of course for those that require root access. My Note is not rooted and guess what, I’m having an issue with the Facebook app. Can you believe that? One of the most popular apps in the world is being rejected by my device.

As a backgrounder, I already had FB app on my device but since it kept freezing, I uninstalled it. Now, I log in to Play Store, searched for FB app, and now it’s telling me that it is not compatible with my device? I was stunned and couldn’t figure out what to do. Please advice. Regards, Kristen.

Potential Solution: It’s a glitch and a minor one. I personally encountered this problem with my phone before and you know what fixed it? Reboot. Yes, a simple reboot may fix this issue. So, that’s the first thing I want you to try. If it doesn’t fix it at first try, then do it for the second time and third time. After that if the problem is still there, then try a different method. I suggest you clear Play Store updates:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Touch Settings, and then General tab.
  3. Tap Application manager and swipe to All tab.
  4. Scroll to and tap Play Store.
  5. Tap Uninstall Updates.

If this procedure won’t fix it, then wiping the cache partition will:

  1. Press and hold the Power key and choose Power off and confirm your command by tapping OK.
  2. When the phone is completely off, press and hold the Volume Up and the Power key at the same time.
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, let go of the Power key but continue holding the Vol up key.
  4. When the Android image appears, release the Volume up key.
  5. Using the Volume Down key, highlight Wipe cache partition, and then press the Power key to select.
  6. When finished the phone will display ‘Cache wipe complete’.
  7. Press the Power key to select Reboot system now.

That’s it! You should be able to download apps you want to install on your device.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Can’t Play Videos From iPad

Problem: Hi droid guy, I have a minor issue with my new Note 10.1, it can’t play my videos. I own an iPad and I have a lot of videos in it that I want to view on my Note. When I attempt to open the video, it says no app to open the file and whatever I do, it just won’t read the file. What can I do? — Jill

Related Problem: Unable to open emailed video, pop up note says no program to open file. Video was emailed from iPad 2 to my note 10.1. — Clyde

Related Question: Hi, what can I do so that I can watch my videos from my iPad to my Note 10.1?

Solution: Videos that play on iPad or iOS devices often has a different format and can’t play on any Android devices without the help of special apps or decoders. More often than not, these are QuickTime videos that have an extension of .mov. You need to convert these videos to .mp4 so they can be played on your Note. For videos that aren’t owned by others or not sensitive (and aren’t too large), the most practical workaround is to upload them to YouTube and just stream them online.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Won’t Charge If Not Used

Problem: Was working and charging fine until a few days ago , only 4 months old , my galaxy only came with cable and not wall charger so been using a laser brand , for some reason my tablet will only charge when I’m using it , when I stop using tablet it stops charging , weird,, do you think it’s a battery problem . I have ordered a Samsung wall charger and hopefully that it’s just that , otherwise I’ll have to take it in to get looked at, I managed to charge it to 73% while using it last night , when I looked at it this morning it was still on 73%, any thoughts? — Karen

Potential Solution: The USB cable may have a break that could only make contact when you’re using the device. Put the device down and wiggle the USB cable around, I’m almost certain that at some point, it will charge. But since you already ordered a wall charger, wait for it. Hopefully, the new charger will fix this problem for good, otherwise, it would be wiser to have it checked.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Not Recognized By PC

Problem: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with this problem. My tablet’s USB connection is not being recognised on my computer.

It only charges the tablet. I do not have the option of choosing to connect as a media device (MTP) or camera on my tablet either. Looking forward to hearing some ideas. Thanks and regards, Denise.

Potential Solution: It’s obviously a driver issue. Log on to Samsung website then go to its download section and you can find drivers specific to your device. Or, to make it even easier, download Samsung KIES and install in on your PC. It comes with necessary drivers. This alone can fix your problem.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Crackling Sound

Question: Hi, I’ve recently purchased the note 2014 online about 1-2 months ago and have just noticed a buzzing/crackling noise coming from right speaker only. This usually happens when I’m in an application and the volume is turned off or on very low. It’s not just apps as well, it also happens when just listening to music using stock music player as well. So I was wondering is it just a software issue or should I return it under warranty?

Answer: Find out if the crackling sound is present when you use a headset. If so, then the problem must be in the built in amplifier and you should return it under warranty. If, however, the crackling sound can’t be heard when using a headset, it’s possible the right speaker is busted; you can still return it. I’m certain it’s not an issue with apps or firmware. Samsung tech may be able to help you out with it as it concerns the hardware.

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Charges Slowly

Question: I have been having issues with charging my Note 10.1. It takes over 10 hrs to fully charge. I was wondering if you can suggest a solution to this problem. I’ve tried closing all apps and putting it on flight mode when charging. I’ve also tried turning it off and it stills takes a long time to charge.

Answer: Are you using the original charger that was in the box? The so-called “universal chargers” often don’t produce the correct current needed to charge high-end devices like the one you have. If you’re using the OEM charger, then there’s a possibility that it’s damaged. Try using a different one with the same output rating and if the problem still happens, you need to have the device checked as there could be a problem with its USB charge port.


  1. hi,. please my samsung galaxynote10.1 fails to boot. it get stuck at ‘SAMSUNG Galaxy note10.1’ in white. There wasn’t enough space on it though. I tried to factory reset it by pressing and holding the power key and the volume+ key together but it the will go off and start again. meanwhile the volume+ key is not faulty, what do I do please help me solve this problem. I tried ODIN MODE too it will stuck on ‘downloading’ ‘Do not off target’. thnx

  2. I am very disappointed by my Galaxy10.1. I have decided not to buy Samsung products any further. My tablet has charging problem from the beginning. the OTG never worked. Overall I would rate it 1/5.

  3. I have the same problem … my note 10.1 take 10 to get full battery with original charger .. why !.? And I have 4.3 software cant update it ?

  4. Hello people out there that can help me what to do with my tab 10.1 samsung.
    I just wanted to install a new game but app
    Store always appear that the google play store has stopped.
    Tell me.guys.please.
    Thank you

  5. I can’t log unto some sites on my galaxy 10.1 tab. It keeps saying check cookie settings

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