How To Fix PS4 CE-33945-4 Error | New Guide in 2022

One of the common PS4 error codes is the CE-33945-4 error. This error usually occurs if there’s an issue with your Playstation account, or when the console is having difficulty connecting to the servers. This problem could get annoying and must be dealt with first before you can go online and play a game. If you leave it unfixed, the error will leave you unable to go online and block you from doing any online activity such as browse the PS Store, or play with your friends.

Causes of error code CE-33945-4

An error has occurred. (CE-33945-4) is due to any of the following causes:

  • Server outage or maintenance
  • PlayStation console bug or glitch
  • PSN account bug
  • router issues
  • Slow or intermittent connection problem
  • DNS issues

How to fix PS4 CE-33945-4 error?

If the “An error has occurred. (CE-33945-4)” keeps on showing up on your PS4 and it’s preventing you from browsing the PlayStation Network, or going online to play, or using the console in general, these are fixes that you can try. 

Solution #1: Verify the PlayStation Network server status.

One of the annoying error codes that you can encounter in your PlayStation 4 is something that indicates a fault with the console’s connection to the server, such as the CE-33945-4. To check if there is an on-going server issue that might be causing this error,  visit the PSN server status website to see if there’s any issue from Sony’s side.

Solution #2: Reboot your PlayStation 4.

If the servers are clear, the next thing that you want to do is to clear the cache of your console. To do that, simply turn off the PlayStation 4 normally and leave it unplug from the power source for 30 seconds. This would allow the system to clear any corrupted data and system cache. Afterwards, turn the PlayStation console back on and see if the issue is gone.

Solution #3: Log out of your PlayStation account.

If refreshing the system cache won’t help, try logging out of your PlayStation account, restart the console, and sign back in.

Solution #4: Power cycle your router.

Another simple trick that you can do in this case is to restart the router. This would allow you to clear any minor network bug that might be causing an issue with your PS4’s connection to the server.

Solution #:5 Run a speed test.

If a router reboot cannot fix the issue, try to check if you have an issue with your internet connection on your console. To do that, you want to run a speed test.

Your PS4 must have at least 5Mbps of both download and upload speed in order to play online games. Anything slower than that may cause connection problems.

If possible, you also want to check if the internet connection on your console keeps dropping off. If you noticed that your home internet connection is intermittent, like when you use another device, it’s possible that your PlayStation 4 is experiencing an intermittent connection problem.

If you need any help troubleshooting slow or intermittent connection, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Solution #6: Use different DNS.

Another fix that you can try in this situation is by changing the DNS server settings. Follow the instructions from this article on how to use a different set of DNS servers.


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