How To Change PS4 DNS Settings | Updated Steps in 2024!

One of the simplest, yet sometimes effective ways to fix an internet connection issue on the PS4 is to change its DNS settings. In this brief guide, we’ll explain what a DNS is and how to use the faster DNS servers.

What is DNS?

DNS, also known as Domain Name System, put simply is like a phonebook. It’s an internet system that helps your device find the location of a website by matching a domain such as into a specific set of numbers called an IP address. It’s a useful system for us since no one person can possibly memorize the IP address of each individual website in the world wide web. So, instead of typing an IP address like to open Google website, you simply have to type in the domain in the address bar.

DNS servers let your PlayStation 4 know where a gaming server or website is located on the web. Everytime you play online, browse the PlayStation Store, do an online transaction, or chat with your friends, your PS4 uses a DNS server.

Why change the DNS settings on your PS4?

There are several reasons why you may want to change the default DNS settings on your PS4.

Decrease network lag or ping.

Many PlayStation 4 gamers would prefer to change their DNS settings if they’re experiencing connection problems like lag or latency. In fact, changing of DNS servers is one of the staple troubleshooting steps that we also recommend all the time. 

By default, your PS4 will use the DNS servers of your Internet Service Provider. For many, this is fine and does not usually present problems. However, some ISP-provided DNS servers are less reliable and may suffer from slowdowns from time to time. In order to fix DNS-related issues, you can use more robust third party DNS servers like the ones from Google and other companies.

While using third party DNS does not guarantee that your connection problems would go away right away, such servers are statistically more reliable than your standard ISP DNS. One of the fastest DNS servers we’ve used are the ones from Cloudflare.

Fix slow browsing issues.

Another reason why you may want to change your PS4 DNS servers is if your PS4 is taking its sweet time to pull up the PlayStation Store, app, or any website using the console’s browser. It’s possible that your ISP’s DNS is down or having some overcapacity problems, especially during peak hours. You can fix the issue by going into network settings to either set up internet connection again, or change DNS.

Improve network performance.

As mentioned above, third party DNS tend to be more reliable than ISP DNS. If you want to avoid encountering browsing issues and a generally faster internet connection on your PlayStation 4, we recommend that you set up internet connection again and use a pair of fast DNS servers. 

There are two DNS servers that you can change — primary and secondary DNS.

How to change PS4 DNS settings?

Changing the DNS settings on your PS4 is as simple as going into your console’s network settings and typing in the needed information. Before you go ahead though, be sure to do some research on which DNS servers you want to use. A quick Google search should give you a list of free and fast DNS to use.Once you’ve decided on the DNS servers, follow these steps to put them into your PS4:

  1. Go to your PS4 Home screen.

  2. Go to Settings.

    PS4 Settings 1

  3. Go to Network.

  4. Select Set Up Internet connection.

    PS4 set up internet connection

  5. If you want to go with cable, select Use LAN Cable, otherwise choose Use Wi-Fi.

  6. Make sure you select the Custom network creation mode. Otherwise, the method won’t be possible.

    PS4 custom set up internet connection

  7. Select Automatic.

  8. Under DHCP Host Name, make sure you select Do Not Specify.

    PS4 DHCP Host Name

  9. Under DNS Settings, select Manual.

  10. Enter your preferred Primary and Secondary DNS.

    PS4 Primary and secondary DNS

Is changing your PS4 DNS settings safe?

Absolutely. Changing the DNS servers on your PS4 poses no threat to your games, apps, or files and folders. However, we highly recommend that when picking the DNS server to use, only choose companies with clean track records. Most people use the Google DNS servers ( and but other companies like Cloudflare and OpenDNS are equally fine.

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