How To Fix Nintendo Switch Network Settings Are Not Supported Error

Some Nintendo Switch users are getting “settings not supported” error when connecting to their home network. Others encountered an error message that shows “This Network’s Settings Are Not Supported. Please Choose a Different Network.”

If you happen to receive this error in your console and you have been looking for solutions on the web, then you are on the right page. This article will give some insights about the error and provide solutions to help fix the problem.

What Causes “This Network’s Settings Not Supported” error in Nintendo Switch?

As most users enjoy playing online, it is almost necessary for your Nintendo Switch to connect to the internet and have a stable connection. That, if you badly need to play online. If that is so, it is such a hassle if your console can’t connect to the network because settings are not supported. If you are getting the “This Network’s Settings Are Not Supported” error on your Switch, below are some of the common reasons for that.

Random router bug.

Routers can get bugs that developed in time, especially if the device has been used for a long time. Normally, these types of bugs can be fixed by restarting the router alone. Sometimes, router manufacturers also send updates to fix known bugs for their products or or new changes to enhance certain functions or features.

Changes brought about by modifications to your router’s software environment may temporarily cause issues.

Unstable Wifi Connection.

Wifi stability is one of the things you need to consider when connecting the console to the internet. If the signal strength of the wifi is weak, that can cause intermittent connection or errors like the  “network’s settings are not supported.”

Security Type Not Compatible with Nintendo Switch.

If other devices were able to connect to the router with no issues, then the main cause of this error could be the security type set in the console. The Nintendo Switch console supports security types such as WEP, WPA-PSK(AES), and WPA2-PSK(AES). You can factory reset the router in case you made some changes with the settings.

How to fix Network’s Settings Not Supported error in Nintendo Switch

These are the troubleshooting steps on how to fix Network’s Settings Not Supported error in your console.

  1. Reboot your Nintendo Switch.

    As what we always highlight in any problems encountered with Nintendo Switch consoles, restarting the device can fix most issues. Especially when this error just occurred without making any changes in your router settings.Power button 5

  2. Power cycle the router.

    Restarting the router will also refresh the communication in all devices including your Nintendo Switch console. This procedure will eliminate certain internet connectivity issues and maintain security of the router. It is highly recommended to reboot routers from time to time.
    To power cycle your router, simply turn it off normally, unplug it from the power outlet, and wait for 30 seconds. Afterwards, turn the router back on and see if the issue returns.
    In my case, I always make it a point to power cycle my router at least once a week.powercycle router

  3. Change security type in the router settings.

    To check and update the security type of the network, a user needs to access the router settings. Routers’ interface may vary depending on what model but it should be easy once you are successfully logged in. If this is your first time accessing the router’s settings, just follow these steps:
    Open any browser and access the GUI link:
    Enter the username and password for the router login. The default login information is usually found at the back or the side of the router.
    Go to your Wireless Security Settings under Wireless Tab.
    Change the security mode to any of the supported security types.
    Select Save or Update to save the changes.

  4. Factory reset the router.

    When the security type of the router is already compatible with the console, it is best to reset the router to its default settings to clear networking issues. By doing this action, all changes you have made in your router, which includes your wifi network name and password will go back to its original form.
    Just take note of the personalized wifi settings in case you want to retain those once factory reset has been completed.
    To factory reset your router, just insert a pin in the small hole at the back of the router (if there is any) for at least 10 seconds.router

These solutions should be able to fix the problem and will connect your Nintendo Switch to the network without any trouble. If you can’t access the router settings, you can always ask assistance from your Internet Service Provider who supplies the router to make the changes for you.

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