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A few days after Fall Guys was released, many players complained that the game won’t quit after a match. The problem have not been permanently fixed until now so if you’re one of the unlucky players dealing with it right now, here are the possible solutions that you can do in this article.

What are causes why Fall Guys won’t quit after every game?

So far, there’s no official work from Mediatonic if this problem has been resolved. As far as we can tell, some PC and PS4 players continue to sporadically experience this same problem so there’s no telling where the issue is really coming from. 

Based on complaints and workarounds so far, the things below should be the cause of the problem. Keep in mind that each user may have a different reason for this problem.

Random game bug.

Some users may have played Fall Guys for hundreds of hours without encountering this issue while others may have this almost every after a match. 

If Fall Guys won’t quit on your end only at times, you may have a random bug at hand. This means that this may not be a permanent issue with the game and something else may be triggering it when you’re playing.

Game glitch or corrupted game files.

Some Fall Guys players have reported to us that the game won’t quit at all after every match. If this is your situation, corrupted game files can be to blame. If you play Fall Guys on Steam, we recommend that you verify the integrity of the game files or reinstall the game itself.

If you have this problem on the PS4, you should consider clearing the system cache, checking for corrupted game data, or reinstalling the game.

Slow or intermittent internet connection.

If your internet connection is slow or keeps disconnecting, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter problems with your games. Try to run a speed test to determine the speed of your internet connection. Fall Guys does not need a blazing fast speed so even if you only have 3Mbps download and upload speed on your PC or PS4, it should be able to talk with the servers fine. Anything slower than this speed though can cause the game client to freeze or fail to maintain a good connection.

The same should be true if your connection keeps dropping. You’ll want to troubleshoot for both issues if you know that you may have an unstable internet at home.

How to fix Fall Guys if it won’t quit after a match?

There are a number of solutions that you can try if you find that Fall Guys won’t quit or keeps freezing after a game. Let’s discuss each of these solutions briefly below.

  1. Force close the game.

    Some games may have this problem from time to time. If you can’t exit Fall Guys normally after a match, you force close it.If you are on PC, there are two ways to force close Fall Guys. One is by hitting two buttons: ALT and F4 together. If that will not close the game for you, try to force close Fall Guys by hitting the Windows button and opening the Task Manager. Then, under Processes tab, look for Fall Guys and hit the End Task button.If you’re playing Fall Guys on the PS4, learn how to force quit a game by checking this link:How To Force Close A PS4 Game | Easy Fix For Freezing Game Or AppFall Guys task manager

  2. Spam the exit option.

    For some players, clicking or hitting the ESC button repeatedly seem to do the trick after every match. If you play on PC and you can’t close the game with ALT + F4 option, try pressing the ESC button on your keyboard several times. If this one won’t work either, then go ahead and do the rest of the solutions below.esc button

  3. Check for updates.

    Make sure that you update Fall Guys after you restart it, or before you join a match. By default, the game should check for updates on its own and won’t allow you to go online but you can manually check for updates anytime by going into Steam’s or PS4’s Games Library.

  4. Verify game files on Steam.

    To see if the cause of your problem is corrupted game files, you can try to use Steam Verify Integrity of Game Files option. If you play Fall Guys on your PS4, there are two things that you can do to see if you have an issue with the game. The first one is to delete the game data and the other is by rebuilding the PS4 database.To do each of these, check out this article: How To Fix Corrupted Data Error On PS4Fall Guys verify game files

  5. Refresh PS4 System Cache.

    Some PS4 players encounter this Fall Guys issue randomly only. To see if this problem goes away on its own easily, make sure that you refresh the system cache of your console. Just turn off the PS4 normally, then once it’s powered down completely, unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Afterwards, turn the system back on and check if the problem remains.PS4 Power button

  6. Reinstall the game.

    If none of these solutions help in fixing the problem, consider deleting and reinstalling Fall Guys. Some players have told us that this last resort worked for them. I can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone as others have tried it too but it’s worth testing if you are desperate for a fix.

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