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Are you getting “2KSports server not available” error when playing NBA 2K21? Worry not as you’ve come to the right spot. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you what are the reasons for this error and what you can do to fix it.

What are the causes for NBA 2K21 “2KSports Server Not Available” Error?

2KSports Server Not Available error usually occurs if there’s a problem with the game servers. However, in some cases, the cause of this error may be something else entirely. Learn what are the other possible reasons for this problem below.

Server problems.

As mentioned above, the first thing that you should look into when you’re getting 2KSports Server Not Available error on NBA 2K21 is the server status. New games tend to encounter server issues due to over capacity or server glitches that the developer has not anticipated.

NBA 2K21 is not updated.

When NBA 2K21 is not up-to-date, you won’t be able to play one of its online modes. Make sure that you update the game before playing any of its online modes.

Corrupted game files.

Other ballers may find that their NBA 2K21 game may fail to load or return the “2KSports Server Not Available” error due to corrupted game files.

PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold issue.

Others who can’t connect online on NBA 2K21 may have issues with their PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. This is because console gamers need to pay for either subscriptions in order to access online services of PlayStation Network or Xbox. 

If you are playing on a PC, this is obviously not a concern for you so simply skip it.

Local network issue.

Playing NBA 2K21 on a slow or intermittent internet connection can spell problems like lag or high latency. At other times, connection errors may show up, or the game may fail entirely as your PC or console struggles to maintain a connection to the server. 

To avoid having to deal with connection problems, make sure that you have at least 5Mbps download and upload speed when gaming.

How to fix NBA 2K21 2KSports Server Not Available Error

When you’re getting “2KSports server not available” error on NBA 2K21, below are the fixes that you should try:

  1. Install updates.

    Make sure that you keep the game updated before playing online. This is a basic first step that you must do. Your PC or console should automatically scan for updates and notify you to install them. All you have to do is to simply confirm and wait until the update is done.

  2. Check NBA 2K server status.

    2KSports Server Not Available Error is usually caused by an issue with the game servers. To check for any known or on-going server troubles, be sure to check the official NBA 2K website: problems may occur sporadically. If the error you’re getting happens during a certain time of day only, it’s possible that you may have an issue with your local network instead of an issue with the servers. Still, you want to always check the NBA 2K website for official news for any connectivity problem.Annotation 2020 09 08 190957

  3. Reboot PC or console.

    Sometimes, rebooting your PC or console can be a simple yet effective means to fix problems. Make sure that you restart your computer, PS4 or Xbox if there’s no known issue with the game servers.We highly recommend that you turn off your PC or console and unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds. This should allow your console to clear its system cache, which can also be the cause of your game issue.

  4. Verify that your internet is working normally.

    Your own local network can be the cause for connectivity issues on NBA 2K21. Make sure that you check for any issues with your own connection after you’ve determined that there’s no known server issues.There are two important things that you can do:-power cycle your router.-check for slow or intermittent connection issues.The first one is to reboot your router by unplugging it from the power source for 30 seconds, just like what you did with your computer or console. The second is to determine whether or not your connection is slow or disconnecting regularly. Any of these problems can result to connection issues whenever you go online with NBA 2K21.router 2 1

  5. Check for PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold issue.

    Lastly, you want to make sure that you have an active subscription of either a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, depending on your console. If you have a PS4 and your PlayStation Plus subscription is not active or has expired, you won’t be use the online features of NBA 2K21 at all. The same should be true if you have an Xbox and your Xbox Live Gold membership has expired.

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