Verizon Will Switch on 5G Networks in New York City Later This Month

With carriers gearing up to add more states and cities to its 5G list, Verizon has freshly announced the addition of New York City to its 5G covered territories. The carrier mentioned that NYC will get 5G signals on Verizon starting September 26. The company clarified that this will include areas like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx while leaving out Staten Island.

As usual, Verizon didn’t specify the areas where you will get the network, so you may have to walk around the city to find decent 5G coverage. With 5G sparsely available in the U.S., Apple recently decided not to unveil 5G iPhones at its annual September event. While a limited number of Android phones do support 5G, they’re either too expensive or are hard to come by.

The addition of New York City will take Verizon’s list of 5G covered cities to 11, so it’s clear that there’s still some work left to be done with regards to connectivity. The carrier hopes to have 5G available in over 30 cities of the U.S. by the end of 2020. This may seem a little too optimistic given the carrier’s rollout pace so far, but fans remain hopeful to finally start seeing 5G signals on their favorite network, assuming they own a compatible smartphone.

Verizon has also planned to launch 5G Home services in every city where its 5G networks are supported. However, it may be too early to expect anything on this front. Are you a Verizon customer? What do you make of this news?

Source: Verizon

Via: Engadget

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