How To Enable Power Saving Mode on Redmi Note 8

Enable power saving mode on your Redmi Note 8 to monitor your phone’s battery and automatically disable certain features when the battery percentage becomes low. Thus, keeping the battery from draining so fast. If you need help in turning the power saving mode on, scroll down and be guided.

Multiple apps running on your device can drain the battery life quickly. Push notifications and wall paper animation can also trigger the phone’s battery to become low. Such apps and settings customizations will consume most of the phone’s resources and may affect the device performance. To manage the battery usage on your device, it is recommended to utilize the Battery saver feature Redmi Note 8 has.

How To Enable Power Saving Mode on Redmi Note 8

  1. Go to Settings from Home.
  1. Select Battery & Performance.
  1. Toggle on the switch next to Battery Saver to enable Power Saver Mode.

Keeping your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 on Power Saving Mode won’t cause any harm on your device. However, notifications, instant messages, emails, and other updates may be hindered when this feature is on. It also limits the background data usage and affects the phone’s overall performance. The Power Saving Mode will only allow important apps and features such as the calling option to run on your device

So if you feel like saving your phone’s battery life but does not want to lose access to your favorite apps and/or online games, you can resort to some other options rather that enabling the Power Saving mode on your Redmi Note 8 device. The decision is all yours.

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