How To Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Redmi Note 8

Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Redmi Note 8 to silence or mute the phone, stop the vibration, and eliminate visual distraction. You also have the option to select which sounds and notifications to allow or block. Need assistance to activate this feature on your Redmi device, scroll down and be guided.

How To Enable Do Not Disturb on Redmi Note 8

  1. Tap the Settings icon from your Home screen.
  1. Scroll to and tap the Sound & Vibration option.
  1. Select Do not disturb under the SILENT MODE & DND.
  1. Toggle the DND switch to enable the feature.

When Do Not Disturb Mode is already enabled, calls will be routed to your voicemail, vibrations, sound, and alert notifications for selected features will also be muted like calls and text messages.  Thus, silenced all your phone’s notifications. You can tell that someone’s Redmi Note 8 is on Do Not Disturb Mode when you see a huge dark grey notification on the lock screen.

One of the benefits this feature offers is that you are able to sleep without distraction. Activating this mode while in a meeting is also recommended as the phone will not produce sound when receiving text messages and calls. Hence, calls will go straight to your voicemail box.

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