Google Pixel 4 Could Come with a Telephoto Camera

It’s no longer a secret that Google is launching the Pixel 4 later this year. The company was even kind enough to acknowledge a triple camera layout for the upcoming Pixel flagship. However, the functionality of the third sensor was a mystery. While the rumor mill was rife with what this could offer, it seems like we may finally have some confirmation. Some curious developers at XDA managed to uncover the code for the latest version of the Google Camera app (version 6.3). Upon having a closer look, the code revealed something known as “Sabre” which is known to be a company code for Super Res Zoom.

The code also revealed a few new Sensor IDs that were not present on previous iterations of Google Camera. This is where “telephoto” is mentioned pretty clearly, making it almost obvious that this is what the third sensor on the Pixel 4 could be used for. The code also revealed the presence of a front facing IR sensor, hinting at potential facial recognition features on the new Google flagship. As reports have suggested, the Pixel 4 is expected to pack a handful of new changes, including a completely redesigned rear camera.

This is not the first time one of Google’s own app has revealed what the future holds. It’s common practice to update the app and prepare in time for a big release. Since Google Camera is what runs by default on all Pixel phones, it was only a matter of time before we encountered these changes. Google appears set to push the boundaries of mobile photography this year.

What feature are you most looking forward to on the Pixel 4?

Source: XDA

Via: Android Central

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