Huawei Possibly Working on an Under Display Cameraphone

We have seen the world’s first under display cameraphone concept by Oppo, although the smartphone may still be some distance away from release. A new report now suggests that fellow Chinese manufacturer Huawei may also have a smartphone of its own with an under display front camera. A new patent by the company indicates how a phone like this could work. While the patent images don’t reveal much at first, at closer glimpse, it is clear that the user interface runs all the way through the camera opening, suggesting that this may well be an under display cameraphone in the works.

There are multiple challenges for manufacturers while producing an under screen cameraphone, most important of which pertains to the quality of the images when the screen is covered with dust. However, Oppo recently claimed that it’s using a custom transparent material to achieve this. There’s no word on what technology Huawei is using to achieve this. We’re yet to see any devices with this feature, so it’s too soon to rush to conclusions.

Huawei Under Display Camera Patent

Personally, I don’t see the need for an under display camera on a smartphone. While this will certainly allow manufacturers to increase display real estate and remove unnecessary bezels, it won’t make any difference to the users in the long run. But it will be interesting to see how the manufacturers will address concerns about dust and glare affecting photos taken with an under display camera. As it stands, we’re some distance away from finding out.

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Source: WinFuture

Via: Phone Arena

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