Google Chrome to start blocking demanding ads

Browsing the Internet only gets speedier as time goes on, especially as Internet browsers themselves continue to improve. The latest improvement to the world’s most popular Internet browser, Google Chrome, is actually looking at speeding up the Web by automatically blocking ads that take up too many hardware resources.

The feature is specifically called “Heavy Ad Intervention”, and looks to launch in a future version of Chrome.

Google has been combatting heavy ads for a long time, and so resource-intrusive ads are almost non-existant. That said, Google says there’s still about a tenth of a percent of them, and this new feature should essentially be the final nail in the coffin for them.

This new features will block ads that Chrome considers to be “heavy”, which are ads that consume more than 4MB of bandwidth or eat up CPU performance for a minute and longer.

These ads won’t just disappear into thin air, though. Instead, sites that get blocked with these “heavy” ads will see a replacement box with information on why the ad was removed.

Again, it’s not something that will likely be seen often, since these heavy ads account for a tenth of a percent.

source: Chromium Review

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